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This guy has a great article on his site about converting 2 & 3 litre PET bottles into mini kegs.
Here is the link to his site which has pictures and the conversion method.

The little CO2 contraption I actually bought in the US earlier in the year from these guys. I've seen smiliar products it bike stores here in Australia.

excellent! very simular to what i was thinking of whipping up because im too cheap to think about doing a full keg setup yet...

now to go asking some questions semi-related... ahhh..
Doc - this is fantastic - I haven't quite made the step to keeging yet and one of the drawbacks to moving to kegs was that the beer was kinda perminant at my place.

I will be looking at making a couple of these and will post my results.

Very cool link :)
Sounds like a great idea, but will it actually prime the beer or just provide enough pressure to dispense it?

I thought you needed far more than 6 psi to gas the beer.

If it will do both, I'll give it a go!

The main idea is to dispense the beer.

Shed said:
Sounds like a great idea, but will it actually prime the beer or just provide enough pressure to dispense it?

If it will do both, I'll give it a go!
(if you want some pre-filled bottles, so that you wont have to leave beer in your barrel...)

i think the idea could be like this:

you get a couple of 3Ltr coke bottles
fill them as if normal beer bottles
when ready to drink the beer, take off the cap and put on the dispensing one
(yes this will lose the pressure in the bottle but not all of the carbonation)
prime with the thingo for pressure, and away you go...

btw, how does he fill this? i'm assuming stright from a barrel, like a secondary or something, what do you recon?
PostModern said:
He fills his from his keg.... ie his pressurised keg...
ahhh, of course...
hence the need for a transportable bottle version :rolleyes: B)
Check out this link also for building your own carbonator caps.
Contains all the info for building them yourself.

Anyone looking for a carbonator cap in Perth, TWOC had 1 left last time I was there. I was going to buy it but I figured for $30 I could probably make 2-3 of them myself :)
Has anyone tried making one of these or something similar but with ball lock gas and liquid post?

If the threads on the post aren't a funny size thread (could someone tell me what they are?) then it would be quite easy to put together and could be used as a cheap party keg, a CPBF, a carbonation cap and to pump through a couple a litres of sanitize through the beer lines if you don't have a spare keg available.

Here is my artistic representation :)

is there an alternative link to the carbonator cap?
it's not finding the server for me
Great link Doc! Hes what I would call a perfect neighbour!

Are you making one of these home made keg systems - or is anyone else in that matter??

I also found the same segment a while ago and was inspired however I have found it difficult to find the appropriate sized schrader valve.. I have tried a couple of refridgeration groups with no real luck I suppose the other alternative is to destory a car valve and see if it is suitable...

Every thing else I have and is ready to go!!


I found these adaptors at Northern Brewer which would make attaching the post easy since the adaptor has a 1/4" thread...anyone seen something like this in Aus :huh:

Hi Mark,

Wow I'd forgotten about this. May 2003 does seem so long ago :lol:
I've since got some 3 gal kegs and take those to parties, or I fill a growler (1/2 gallon) and take that.
As for cabonator caps, I have two. One I got in Sydney from Craig Decon of Keg Systems, and the other I got from Morebeer.com.


Thanks for the response....Prior to finding this internet site and in particular reading the us keg thread - I cut a 5 gal down to 3 gal for parties which works really well.

Unfortunately - the beer fridge lives outside and I am getting slack with having to walk outside to get a beer or carting the minikeg in and out of the house......hmmmmmmm...........for ultimate couch slackness.......
..maybe glycol lines to all the rooms of the house with quick-connects to attach the the pluto beer gun...dreaming.......


Well here is my version :) In the pic it is on a 600ml bottle but when I use it on a larger bottle I can just attach some beer line to the end of the dip tube.

Looks good.

This could be my next project.
Can you list the bits needed to make one and how to get hold of them.


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