1st Clean Of Wort Cooler

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big d

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copper wort coolers ready to go but was wondering if there is a good way to clean the externals before putting it into its first all grain batch.would hate to have any off flavours come through.

big d
Have a look a Palmers book or site on cleaning cooper , you use vinegar
His book was worth the $40 I payed , always looking stuff up
is it worth getting the book even though its online?
Well I think so , I tend to sit and read through the book , would'nt do that online
lots of people have trouble reading through lots of text on a computer screen (myself included). however, after paying for two homebrew books already and all the info that is available online, i cant see myself paying for another reference for a while. from what i have seen though, it is worth consideration.
Likewise, i Think it has more? Eg online is version 1, the book is Ver 2?

also you cant beat picking up a book to look at somthing,rather than stuffing about on the net