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hi new to the brewing game. i have already got a keg set up but i want to get some 10L kegs where do i get them
Where are you located? There's a guy in Sydney who sells them. Cheaper to get them from the US of course (but a takes a lot longer and a lot more hastle).

I've also seen them on ebay.

Tonydav, who is the guy in sydney who has them? how much are they?
i would say it would be craig from kegsystems.com.au there is also a place in melbourne that makes them brand new.. can't remeber where, do a search here i'm sure it will uncover them.
never heard of a place in aus that makes them brand new
Scotty said:
Tonydav, who is the guy in sydney who has them? how much are they?

I'll PM you his details.

And no, not from Keg Systems but he sells a lot of second hand gear (I bought 5 x 22L kegs off him yesterday).
thats always the way, i can't find the website now. from memory in was in melbourne, ferntree gully ??? rather pricey but then they were brand new and made to size/order
what price has he on the 10 litre kegs tonydav.

big d
From memory they were about $100-$120 each. I only remembered he had them but was more interested in the 22L kegs he had for $110. Maybe I'll change my mind if my order from Brewers Discount doesn't eventually turn up :(.
The place that makes brand new kegs is:

Stainless Tanks & Pressure Vessels Pty Ltd
3 23 Kevin Avenue Ferntree Gully Victoria 3156
P.O. Box 250, Ferntree Gully Victoria 3156
Telephone: (03) 9752 2400 Facsimile: (03) 9758 0719
Email: [email protected]

I made enquiries previously and from memory they can build kegs from 5lt to 45lt. Unfortunately the cost is high, around $200 for a 19lt and not much cheaper for the smaller kegs.


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