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Just put this one down;

1 x 15litre ESB Fresh Wort Stout
1 x 3kg ESB Extra Special Stout
1 x 1kg Morgan's Roasted Black Malt (liquid)
2 x 12g Goldings hop bags - steeped for 20 minutes
WLP004 Irish Ale yeast
Totalling only 23 litres of wort.

O.G 1.088

I will late hop this one with another 12g Goldings hop bag on day 3 of ferment. I will either bottle this one or keg it with nitrogen. I'll let you know how it turns out.


PMyers said:
O.G 1.088
That is going to be one damn strong stout!

How big was your starter for that ?
I always make a 4.5 litre culture out of any liquid ale yeast. After a few days, when there is a nice krausen I pour the culture off into several longnecks (only half filled), cap and refrigerate. The starter I used for it was just a single longneck (about 450mls total). I admit I was a little worried about this, but this morning when I got to work I found it was blazing away quite healthily and returned the second emergency starter bottle to the fridge.
I generally find that unless the O.G. is above 1.100 a normal sized starter is sufficient. Remember, yeast is alive and will multiply at a rate that would put both rabbits and my wifes side of the family to shame. The only time I ever use larger-than-normal starters is with lagers or, as already mentioned, bloody strong ales and barley wines.



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