Pale Ale OG is 4.1 - what have I done wrong?

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Orange, NSW
Hi all, I am attempting a kit from my local Country Brewer and I have somehow stuffed it and am at a loss as to what I've done wrong, if this is stuffed it makes my 3rd not amazing home brew which is really disappointing.

I'm hoping this is salvageable.. please help

1 x Wal's Pale Ale
1 x 1kg Euroblend
1 x 150g Crystal Grain (Steeped)
1 x 12g Amarillo Finishing Hops (Infusion Method)

Here is what I did step by step:
  1. I put the Grain into the sack and boiled 1lt of water, once boiled, I removed it from heat and put the grains into it for 15 minutes (the instructions said 10-20).
  2. While I was doing that, I warmed the Wal’s can and poured it into the fermenter
  3. Once the Grain had soaked for 15 minutes, I added the water in the pan to the fermenter, then rinsed the bag with 1lt of hot water (all as per instructions), and added the additional 1lt to the fermenter.
  4. I added the Euroblend in and stirred
  5. Topped to 22LT using cool water
  6. At this point the wort was about 34 degrees, so I gave it a cool ice bath and continued stirring until the wort dropped to 22/23 degrees
  7. I put the yeast in and gave it a stir
  8. Took the sample and tested the OG at 4.1
You have done nothing wrong here. It's how I started also.

Your reading of 1.041 is bit on the low side in my opinion as it would finish fermenting down to 1.009 or so.
That would give you a 4% alcohol beer, not a full strength beer of 5% (unless that is what you wanted).

As you mention your beers are not amazing, my first 5 were lacking any body and taste. Try this:

Steep 200g to 300g of grain.
Replace the Euroblend with 1kg of light dried malt extract.
Fill your fermenter with water to approx. 16L capacity.
Check your gravity. Try to aim for 1.048 or so for a 5% beer.
If the gravity is higher, add a little water at a time (you'll probably reach 18L capapcity).

That should improve your beer.

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