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Wtb: Regulator And Other Keg Gear

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ok, im trying to now finish off my keg system, but after my fridging disaster, i have to try to find some cheaper alternatives for things i was going to buy new.

heres a list of what i need,

1. Gas regulator (dual guage if possible)
2. 2 * 6mm gas line "T" splitters
3. 1 * black liquid ball lock disconnect
4. 1 * thermostat (to get chest at fridge temps)

i think thats it, so if anyone can hook me up with a good price, id be very interested.


R.I.P. chest freezer #1 - we hardly knew thee.

!. Can supply a second hand dual gauge reg for 65.00.
2. 6mm SS "T" pieces plus clamps for 15.00 ea
3. Liquid Disconects are 17.50ea.

Cant help with No.4.
how did i know your name would come up GMK, how much postage for the reg and the 2 T pieces?

will it be under 3kg you think? if so might get 3kg express post bag.

i can transfer you some money probably money morning would be the earliest.

again, thanks for the help mate.

anyone got a thermostat? or know where i can get the one like the $99 from grain and grape for cheaper?


Will check the stocks tommorrow - should be good....


But i may have lined some new dual gauge ones for around 85.00

I can get 2nd hand ones but he will only sell them with new presure relief valves - makes it cost prohibitive.

Also, looks like my taps supply is drying up...sold too many of them...still need 6...can only get 2 at the mo...
lets try not to pinch my thread.

thermostat anyone?
Now that looks good , how any amps does a fridge pull?
Come on sparkies? Otherwise I'll stick a meter on one at work Monday

No good for a HLT , mine with a 2400w element pulls 8.4 amps
Batz said:
Now that looks good , how any amps does a fridge pull?
Come on sparkies? Otherwise I'll stick a meter on one at work Monday

No good for a HLT , mine with a 2400w element pulls 8.4 amps
A fridge will only pull 0.5 - 1A running, but the current draw when starting the compressor can be 5-6A.

Probably be safer to use this to trip a higher current relay.
thanks for that

has this thing got a probe?
K man,
Here is some info I got from a post on another site and from what I have heard this is what you will be after.

I have been following some very interesting posts on this site regarding various methods
of controlling the fermation temp.If any one is interested there is a temp controller
available for $33.00 at global components Blacktown nsw, ph 0288313133,
email [email protected]
The unit is made by E.G.O. and the model no is ef55.13204.010.
I have been using one now with great success for over5 years,
another brewer Brian of Birkenhead has just purchased one and can confirm the price.
Just dial in the desired temp and walk away from it. it is very reliable. <Quote

Hope this helps
ive emailed them twice, and never got a reply, does anyonr know if they are similar to the grain and grape ones (plug and play so to speak) or do you need to wire them into the freezer.

as i would really prefer to get one that i can chuck the plug in and pug it into the wall with the probe thing inside the freezer.

more info or pics would be good, ill try to email htem again, but i wont hold my breath.

too bad im too much of a dumb asre to wire it, and besides, i dont want to screw up my second freezer
Kman, the wiring is easy to do. But, if you know any sparky or anyone even remotely electrically minded get them to do it, they'll have no problems.

On the Jaycar thermostat, steer clear of this one for running fridges. I have a mate that is using one and twice now the contacts have fused shut and frozen his lager. It just draws too much current for that thermostat.
There is of course the
brewiki temperature control page. But the unit I chose needs wiring in. It was very straightorward but if you don't want to do that then maybe the HBS plug in model is the go.

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