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Hi all,

I'm a new brewer who has justed bottled his first brew. It was just the standard Lager which came with the Coopers DIY kit, so effectively, the Lawnmower Lager from the Coopers site. I'm about to mix my next brew, which will be a Coopers Dark Ale with 1kg Brigalow Extra Malt Brewing Sugar and using the kit yeast. I'm just easing my way into this and these first two brews are as much about fine-tuning my methods, measurements etc, than anything else.

I'm also planning my third brew and want to move away from the kit yeast as a lot on here don't recommend it. It's a Blonde Ale and I have come up with the following ingredients after tinkering on ianh's Brewing Spreadsheet:

1.7kg can Coopers Canadian Blonde
500g Amber DME
500g Honey
Made up to 21 litres

Can anyone recommend a yeast to use with this mix? Also, if anyone can spot something horribly wrong with this combo, please let me know. I am still undecided on adding any maltodextrin so any thoughts on that appreciated as well.
Nothing wrong there. U made a good call on using DME instead of dex and other sugars.
I have always liked US-05 and Nottingham. They are good for most Ale styles.
+1 for US05. Its a good ale yeast. If you can control your fermentation temperature as well you will be on the right track.
Another +1 on Fermentis SafeAle US-05. US-05 is a neutral yeast and it's widely available so it's a good choice, it's what I mostly use. I've read the Nottingham is also fairly neutral but haven't used it myself yet.
I would add a bit more sugars as 500g Honey does not equal 500g DME for sugar content. Maybe an extra 150g DME.

I'm over us-05 it's not too good at floc'ing anymore, try some wlp001 or wlp090. The better yeasts tend to be more fussy about temps thou

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