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Batz Brewery...Hand crafted beers from the 'Batcav
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I have smacked two wyeast packs 3 days ago and nothing is happening?
They are warm , on top of the AMP .
This always seems to happen to me , I have only ever had one really puff up ,
am I too impatient ?
hi batz

i roll the pack between the palms of my hands for several minutes to mix the yeast cells and the wort together.
still the packs ive used, take almost 5 day to swell anyway.

you will find that once they start, it will take off very quickly.

Thanks Crackers
I sure have rolled , neaded , mixed etc etc , worried I may have freaked the yeast cells out :D
OK I'll just have to forget about them and wait , was planning on a brew with one today , looks like Saflager 34/70 will be the guys this time.
I will get some starters in the fridge so as to have something more reliable next time
mine are often slow inside so being tropical up here i put the smacked pack on top of the outside fridge(in the shade) and in about 2-4 days its like one beautiful golden pillow.
havent had one fail yet
I rarely wait for them to expand completely. I'm lazy.

I either use the XL packs (they expand in 6 hrs or so), or just pitch them straight into a starter after a day or so.
Is that OK to do that ?
I was under the belief that the packet had to swell up at least a little first
i never use to be able to do it all that well either. It was due to overheating the poor yeast. These days i get em from Grumpys and they have blown up in less than two days!!!!!

Wedge :chug:
They are from Grumpys !
:blink: :ph34r:
If you want to pitch it directly into the brew, definately wait for it to expand (at least with a normal size pack). If you're making a starter with it though it doesnt really matter.

The XL packs expand in 6hrs or so, they're much suited to just pitching straight into a brew.
No more than happy to make a starter with it
Any idea of the date of manufacture of the yeast?

old yeast can take a very long time to swell

Jovial Monk
Must be bad juju. I buy mine from the same place as you, get them couriered same as you. Most have been less than 1 month old, a couple were maybe 2 or 3 months old. Stuck them on an amp same as you. Mostly they swell to bursting in about 2 days, longest maybe 4 days. I usually smack about 6 days before brew day, which means if they swell fast I get a big starter, and if they swell slow I still get some sort of starter. So, I don't know what is going on. I guess you have made certain that the little bladder has burst?
Whoa !!!!
Awoke this morning to find the pilsen lager wyeast very very expanded
Gotta do a starter today
wedge said:
i never use to be able to do it all that well either. It was due to overheating the poor yeast. These days i get em from Grumpys and they have blown up in less than two days!!!!!

Wedge :chug:
How are these yeast packs courier'd?

Do they come in an envelope, small box, micro esky or what? :huh:

JM - How do you deliver yeast packs interstate??


In a box by courier , same as Simon in Perth , he's never had a problem
:chug: You aint gonna believe this guys...but I swear its true...
Just ask my Mrs...

I got one of the wyeast yeast packs in June...I kneeded it and put it in what I thought was a warm spot in the living room..
2 days went by and not a crinkle had gone from the foil...

looking at it through bleary beery eyes about 11 oclock PM on day 3 I decided it wasnt warm enough...and not being bothered to find a warmer spot I took it with me and pushed it down in the bed where my feet would normally be...My thoughts being that bed is warm..so will yeast be warm...
I dont know if it was the little friction in the bed springs that night but next morning my yeast had shown signs of life...Much to my Mrs displeasure when she discovered it next morning..

True story...Honest

Thats gold JWB :)

I took a WYeast smack pack to work about 6-8 months back. Put it in the server room ontop of a warmish server. Turned the room aircon from 18 degrees to 23-24 or so and left it for a few days :p

Noone ever questioned it either ...
Ummmmm note of cution

Speaking from personal experience

keep a very careful eye on WY sachets left on warm electronic ojects

had one on top of a computer monitor

it swelled swelled swelled unnoticed by me till


and the screen was black for evermore

So there

Jovial Monk
so im assuming jm that if left for toooo long they can actually burst the foil pack?
if so good advice as one can never be to cautious.
specially us tropical brewers who have somewhat higher constant average temperatures B) than you southerners
:( (thats as close an icon as i could get for cold cold cold)

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