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I am having troubles working out what goes where with my setup, instead of trying to discribe everything I thought I would just take a picture, upload it and see if you someone can help me with what part goes where in order for me to connect the gas to the keg.

Any directions would be great.



for starters ...did your disconnect come with a "nut and tail" (see pics courtesy of Grain and Grape webpage).

You need these to attach your gas line to the disconnect ...Marked as "C" in the picture.
Nope my disconnect did not come with anything except what is shown, after talking to Linz in chat it seems I need to get some different disconnects and it should all fall into place...

Had me very confused.

Think I will whip down to the local HBS tomorrow and pick myself up some barb disconnects and that should fix my troubles... hopefully

looks to me like item C is 6mm to 4mm reducer, so you can connect the reg which has a 6mm barb to the quik disconnect which has a 4mm. So you'd pipe a short piece of 6 mm pipe to the reg, then to the reducer, then out of the reducer as 4mm pipe and to the quik disconnect.
Only prob is, they dont appear to have given you the tail end for the quik disconnect. You'll definately need that.

On my setup I havent used a reducer, just forced the 4mm line on the reg. Its so tight you dont even need a clamp.



The 6mm line goes from the reg barb onto the gas disconect - this grey disconect will have a 6mm barb.

The 4mm line goes to the tap inlet.
The 4mm- 6mm reducer is for the beer line - cant get 4mm beer line onto the 6mm black liq disconect barb. So cut a small piece of 6mm gas line - clamp one end ont liq disconect barb - other end onto the 6mm splice/reducer - then 4mm from reducer to beer tap.

Hope u understand this and it helps u out...
GMK said:
cant get 4mm beer line onto the 6mm black liq disconect barb.
Bah! Of course you can Ken. It just takes boiling water, patience and a reasonable vocabulary.

Or you could do it the easy way and use the reducer but where's the fun in that ;)
I think GMKenterprises will employ SteveSa to fit 4mm line onto disconect barbs etc....

Fringe benefits of beer provided while you work.... :lol:
Only if I can bring the beer with me :D :D ;)

Seriously though, you couldn't pay me enough to go through that again. It was quite an experience.

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