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I have always used plain white sugar, but would be interested in hearing what others use??
woops, looks like I posted this in the wrong topic area, meant for the pub, oh well....
I use white sugar too. I have heard of others using wheat malt powder and racking onto that in a bottling bucket.
I've also used the coopers/morgans "lollies" also but I've also got two infected beers. I think my bad handling of the lollies had a bit to do with it

Linz :angry:
I've used white sugar, morgans and coopers drops (lollies) and dried light malt extract.

I usually use the drops for ease though i'm going to switch to bulk priming with DLME or dextrose from now on for accuracy.
Depends on the recipe. Usually I bulk-prime with DME, but I tried a couple of bottles in my last batch with light brown sugar. I think the DME primed bottles tasted better and had smaller bubbles (which was what I wanted). Really, what you use should depend on the style you're after.
Only have to bottle about 4 long necks per brew, but I use either the Coopers carbonation drops or CSR white sugar. Comes down to whatever I put my hands on first.

These days I only ever use DME - light or dark, depending on the style - when I bottle, and I bulk prime. Malt gives smaller bubbles with a tighter, more "mousse like" head. It also aids just that little more in the head retention. Wheat malt is exceptionally good in this regard. I never use - nor do I ever recommend - the Coopers carbonation drops as they contain sucrose, and as far as I'm concerned the use of such an ingredient in beer is a cardinal sin.



how much light liquid malt would i use if i wanted to bulk prime?

Thanks in advance...
I bulk prime with 3/4 cup dextrose.

I've heard DME leaves a protein ring around the top of the bottle. Any of you guys noticed this?
Snow said:
I bulk prime with 3/4 cup dextrose.

I've heard DME leaves a protein ring around the top of the bottle. Any of you guys noticed this?
I've only primed one batch with DME, and I did get a protein ring around the top. I just ignored it though :)
GMK - I use 11g of DME per litre of brew. This formula seems to work fine for me.

Snow - I haven't noticed any obvious sign of protein rings around the neck of the bottle, although that is not to say that a thin line may or may not form. I haven't really looked very hard for this. If something isn't glaringly obvious, it doesn't bother me overly much.



I always use Dextrose using the Bulk Priming method from 'The Country Brewer'

180grams of Dextrose into a bottling bucket and bottle from there.

Excuse the ignorence but what is DME?
The actual formula for working out how much dextrose to add for bulk priming is 8 grams per litre of beer. Malt is only about 70% as fermentable as dextrose, hence using 11g (It is actually closer to 10g/L, but I haven't had any problems using 11).



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