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I apologise if this has been done before, I couldn't find anything when I searched.

After being away for two weeks I was just a little bit happy to pick up a mixed sixer from my favorite bottelo.

ImageUploadedByAussie Home Brewer1387460040.733306.jpg

Moon Dog - Toffee Apple Amber Ale.
Very drinkable. Not as sweet as the name implies. Beautiful aroma that envelops you as soon as you open the bottle.
ImageUploadedByAussie Home Brewer1387460731.299882.jpg

Buxton / To Øl - Sky Mountain Sour.
A well balanced sour. Sessionable summer time beer. Fruity, sour sherbet.
ImageUploadedByAussie Home Brewer1387460750.249651.jpg

Sixpoint - Resin.
Yet to drink.

To Øl - Black Malts & Body Salts.
Yet to drink.

Moon Dog - Lando Kardashian.
Yet to drink.

Deschutes - Obsidian Stout.
Yet to drink.

I'll edit and update as I go through them. Mods feel free to delete or move if this had been done before. I'm pretty sure it would have, but I couldn't find it.
Haha. Oh I've seen that thread pop up so much and never clicked on it. I'm a retard. I'll move it and delete!
Eclipse and vic secret, winning combo.
not much hop aroma but plenty of late hop fruitiness going on. Finished before i could get a pic in the glass.


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