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Hi people
First a big thankyou to every one who posted a reply to my thread Sanitising a CFC excellent info. I used my new CFC on friday. I set it up under my kettle hanging from the bottom rim opposite the tap. Cooling water was pumped from my pool through the unit and back to the pool. 50 ltrs of wort gravity fed through the unit in a little over 15 mins temp in fermenter 27.C . A really nice piece of kit most impressed. As the summer arrives my old immersion coil will be placed in a 200ltr plastic drum with lots of ice. Water from pool will be pumped through this coil on its way to CFC to lower temp.
Cheers Altstart
Nice one! If only I had a pool - I collect my cooling water in spare fermenters/cubes and a watering can. When the watering can is full I walk around feeding the plants. A Pool/Spa would be fantastic.
I live off tanks, so cooling water goes straight back into the tank
Nice one Jim,

Must come round & see it in action - You've been AG brewing 5 mins & you already got more toys than me - what have I unleashed :D
Only probem I can see with using the pool is that the water will probably have lots of chlorine or salt. This will eat away at your chiller pretty quickly. I just run the water from the chiller into the pool. Try to brew when the pool needs a top-up.
Good point Darren. I had thought of the chlorine in the pool water. On brewday the daily chlorine top up was done after brewing. The CFC was flushed out after use with tap water.
Cheers Altstart

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