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whould that work? i keen on buying a few tap handles from the states, but just looking at them, i dont know if they will go onto the andale taps i have.

anyone got smoe handles from the US?
also what is the cheapest way to post them here, dont really care how long it takes
Any links to these handles?

Pretty much all usa handles you see on ebay are for the faucet taps.
In USA they come in brass or ss - brass approx 15.00us ea
ss 35.00us

In australia they are made by Andale and called brumby taps.
Aus only have ss taht i know about.

I can get them but they are brand new...and cost alot...
ie SS Brumby tap + snap lock Adapter + snap lock fridge extension = 150.00AUS.
Note taht this is minus a handle - in US it is 2.00usd a handle - in AUS it is 15.00 for a plastic handle.
I know what you are saying Kman.
I have the Lancer taps that are similar to the Anadale taps.
Here is what I did.
Removed that crappy VB tap handles that came with the taps and removed the threaded rod. Took the threaded rod to Bunnings and bought a length of thread the same thread size (about a metre length).
Then with my trendy you beaut tap handles worked out the length of threaded rod I needed and cut an appropriate length and screwed it into the tap. Then screwed my trendy tap handle on the other end. Some tap handles have a different thread so some plumbers tape to bulk it up a bit then push on the tap.


that what i was thinking of doing, glad to know it works

cheers mate.

i just won a fosters boomerang handle, and a chicago bulls basketball hoop handle, and im looking at also getting a baseball ball with ball or a ski pole or possibly an axe.

some really cool tap handles on US ebay
Yes to all Jase.
I have a Boddingtons one that is very similar to the Harp one.
The bottom of the taps on all the ones you have posted have a metal threaded end. If the thread in them is the same as the tap end you just have to work out how much length to cut off the length of thread you buy from the hardware store. Worst case is you have to use some plumbers tape to pad them out a little.

You can see a picture of my taps in this thread


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