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Unfinished boat + Eng Channel + Beer. Now there is a recipe of disaster.
Must have been on hell of an argument :lol:


Dutch Sailor, lots of beer and half built boat found floating in English channel

A sailor has been rescued after drifting around the English Channel for two days in his half-built boat with only beer to drink.

The 52-year-old Dutch man living in Southampton took to sea after he had an argument with his wife, Portland Coastguard said.

He was spotted in Weymouth Bay about four miles off Lulworth Cove yesterday afternoon by another yacht and towed by lifeboat into Weymouth harbour.

A coastguard spokesman said: "He said he had been drifting for two days when we found him and he had no supplies except plenty of beer.

"He told us that he had been working on his boat for three years as a project and had set to sea after arguing with his wife.

"The powerboat was only half-built. It had all the equipment - radar, engines - but the man's electrics did not work so he could not start the engine.

"The boat was a bit of a wreck. It had no portholes - only the space where the glass should have been. If the weather had been rough, he would have shipped water,. he added. The spokesman said the man was given a talking-to when he got back on dry land but apparently he then went to the pub.

Officers will also go and see him today to dissuade him from going back to sea, the spokesman added.
Thank god he had beer to keep him company for those 2 days at sea.

Maybe he was a homebrewer?

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