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guys this is something i have only just started to do . when i go down to the shops i stop in at the grog shop and pick up 2 or 3 foreign beers , i would recommend that any other newbies or relative newbies try this , go for something you have never had before taste it rate it
i now always pickup 2 bottles of pilsner urquell also ( 1 to taste 1 to enjoy ) as it is a great beer

if anyone finds what they think is an outstanding or interesting beer ( or even if its just that different :rolleyes: ) maybe they could post it so some others could also get some ideas of different beers to brew :)

next of course we will all be chasing recipes for them :lol:

here are some i have tried
pilsner Urquell - bloody beatiful ( hoppy aroma/taste nice malty after taste)
amstel - mild not bad ( not very hoppy aroma/taste , mild malty tase)
becks - very mild not that impressed ( very low hops aroma/taste ) wouldnt get again
J.Squire pilsner - bitter ,nice drop ( very hoppy aroma/taste , bitter hops taste) nice but pils urquell is better
J.S. india pale ale - very malty bit fruity taste slight bitter taste - very nice
J.S. porter - malty with a slightly sweet aftertaste very nice beer

i hope these make sense , with my limited experience at tasting and describing the tastes :unsure:
and it goes without saying this is my particular tastes , pls try them your for your self
and make up your own mind

Westmalle Tripel
Morte Subitte Cassis Lambic
La Chouffe

All found at Northmead Cellars for those of you living in Sydney.

All belgian too, by the way :rolleyes:


hey pmyers do you know of a comercial example of barley wine that is avail in oz ?

simon :chug:
I have never seen one, but I'm still looking :p

If you are interested in making one, a friend made some about eighteen months ago using 6 tins of the old Jads pilsner and a champagne yeast. Hit about 16% apparently. I never tasted it but it took out first place in the 2001 Central Tablelands Regional Homebrew Championships in the strong ale category.


am interested can you email me recipe pls or even better post in the recipes section
thanks again

Will contact the person in question and see if he will post the recipe. I don't know the exact formulation so I am unwilling to post it myself.


tooheys pils -- ......oh just forget they pretend to make a pilsner it is .....s...t !!! sorry any tooheys fans . but really they should be ashamed!!!!!! :angry:

little creature s pale ale ... get some this is nice almost friuty with a bit of honey maybe . very nice!

matilda bay premium ( makers of J.Squire) not bad very drinkable is labeled as a pilsner lager not as hoppy as some but a very respectable effort ( i`d drink it again ..unlike tooheys pils ) very nice

hahn Witbier - very nice again hard to describe , bit cloudy in the glass very nice mild hoppy taste . :D

Great suggestion Simon I shall keep this in mind when I'm next at the local grog shop.

I had a Carlton Cold on the weekend, I tell you what it seriously tasted like cat piss not that I've had it before :D It would have to be the most disgusting beer I have tried in a very long time.
i hear ya blade , im in tha ACT they drink tooheys new on tap i thought it wasn t bad until .....i started to brew again
now i know it looks good in a glass .....end of story !!!

about to try chimay red and white :D

all in the name of research of course :lol:

chimay (red label ) trappist ale , nice beer dont know how to describe it , almost a rich tasting beer 7% alc. made in belgium ( not cheap )

did i mention how crap tooheys PILs is......... B)

cheers :chug:
Simon - the red is what is known as an "Oud Bruin", though not a very good (read text-book version) of it. They utilise specific "wild" yeasts and bacteria - most notably a lactic acid bacteria - to produce an acidic, sour tasting beer. Chimays version has a slight sourness to it, but not as much as some others.

The white is one of my favourite styles - the tripel. As I said in an earlier post, you really must get to try Westmalle's version.



PS. Best of luck in your research :p
Hi guys,

I was at Siena's in Leederville last nite with my better half and had a very pleasant meal. A starter, main course, drinks, and dessert. It came to $65 - cheap for such great food and good atmosphere. Anyway, I had the chance to try a couple of new beers. One bad thing about the restaurant - their beer list was a bit disappointing. The "Premium" beer range wasn't too good - try Heineken and Corona et al. Corona I don't mind; but the big H isn't a good beer IMHO.


I tried "Hofbrau Original" and "Peroni" (which also had some other italian name that I forget).

Hofbrau - was ok. The front of the palate was quite hoppy, but it mellowed to a fruity-almost honey end. A bit thin in the mouth. This reminded me of a beer I had made in the past, but mine had a much rounder mouthfeel, in my opinion. Overall - not too bad. Would drink over H. - 3/5 or so.

Peroni - was decidedly average. A very thin tasting beer with not much character at all. Re-enforces my opinion that generally, Italian beers should be left to the Italians. I'm not trying to be racist or anything, so relax - I just didn't like this beer at all. Overall - meh. - 1.5/5

So yeah.

tried the chimay white , nice beer but once again very hard to explain , id drink it again but not to much its 8% and it does pack a punch B)
very rich beer , i reckon you would sip it not swig ( my usual method of drinkin :p )

hofbrau sounds alrite Vinds ill keep an eye out for it

All in the name of research

holsten premium , german beer nice crisp lager style with good bite , similar to j.boags draught ( on tap in tassie) :D ( maybe not quite as bitter)

very nice totally recommend this one :chug:
ok , damn those kiwis .......steinlager .....wat can i say ...they sure can brew a beer , if this is there national beer and they all drink, then they are miles ahead of the ozzies .....damm lets talk about rugby or cricket or the value of their dollar .......

also barvaria premium ( read lager)
very nice malty , gr8 beer

There's a lovely drop called Kozel premium. It's been quite a while since I had it but I remember tasting and thinking that it was quite a beer.

Planning to try a couple of the Fullers beers - have heard good reports about their ESB. That other discussion about fruit beers has really got me wanting to try a kriek

McEWANS india pale ale , .....hmmm before you drink it smell it ... yuuuuummmm! tastes great almost sweet after taste... but mmm smell it again .....gr8 smell gr8 taste ... yes i have been researchin all afternoon .
mite be sum honey in it .

:chug: :chug: :chug:

ssiimmoonn :D :D
james squire colonial wheat beer ......hmmmm tastes like the fird=st brew i stuffed up not ready .....cloudy wheat biers are ...not on my to have again list .......
not very nice

sboulton said:
McEWANS india pale ale

.... james squire colonial wheat beer ......
Have you had the chance to taste McEwans Export Scotch Ale - what a complex taste profile thyis one has. Defionately on my have again (and again ... and again) list.

As for MSB's Colonial Wheat - traditional wheat beers are definately an aquired taste. You either love 'em or you hate 'em. Me? I love 'em. In fact I have on tap a near clone of this brew for tomorrow's BBQ.

One last point. I never thought it possible, but I have finally tasted a belgian beer that I wasn't overly impressed with. It's called Orval, and people rave about it for some reason, it's actually one of the most popular belgian beers out there. I personally think it tastes like dishwashing liquid, but still...



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