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> > >>Whoa! The following (first two) pictures are of a guy who works for
> > US
> > >>Forest Service in Alaska and his trophy bear. He was out deer hunting
> > last
> > >>week when a large grizzly bear charged him from about 50 yards
> > >>guy unloaded his 7mm Mag Semi-automatic rifle into the bear and it
> > dropped
> > >>a few feet from him. The big bear was still alive so he reloaded and
> > shot
> > >>it several times in the head. The bear was just over one thousand six
> > >>hundred pounds. It stood 12' 6" high at the shoulder,14' to the top of
> > his
> > >>head. It's the largest grizzly bear ever recorded in the world.
> > >>
> > >>Of course, the Alaska Fish and Wildlife Commission did not let him
> > it
> > >>as a trophy, but the bear will be stuffed and mounted, and placed on
> > >>display at the Anchorage airport (to remind tourist's of therisks
> > involved
> > >>when in the wild). Based on the contents of the bears stomach, the
> > >>and Wildlife Commission established the bear had killed at least two
> > >>humans in the past 72 hours. His last meal was the unlucky nature buff
> > in
> > >>the third picture below.
> > >>
> > >>The US Forest Service, backtracking from where the bear had
> > >>found the hiker's 38-caliber pistol emptied. Not far from the pistol
> > >>the remains of the hiker . The other body has not been found. Although
> > the
> > >>hiker fired six shots and managed to hit the grizzly with four shots
> > (they
> > >>ultimately found four 38 caliber slugs along with twelve 7mm slugs
> > inside
> > >>the bear's dead body) it only wounded the bear and probably angered
> > >>The bear killed the hiker an estimated two days prior to the bear's
> > >>death by the gun of the Forest Service worker.>
> > >>
> > >>Think about this - If you are an average size man; You would be level
> > with
> > >>the bear's belly button when he stood upright, the bear would lookyou
> > >>the eye when it walked on all fours! To give additional perspective,
> > >>consider that this particular bear, standing on its hind legs, could
> > walk
> > >>up to an average single story house and look over the roof, or walk up
> > to
> > >>a two story house and look in the bedroom windows.
> > (See attached file: Tedbear1.jpg)(See attached file: TedPaw2.jpg)(See
> > attached file: Tedgrizz3.jpg)
> > <<Tedbear1.jpg>> <<TedPaw2.jpg>> <<Tedgrizz3.jpg>>
> >

Lunch anyone

That is some scary shit SJW, and how in the hell do you find this stuff???
One of the girls i work with gets it from somewhere, and i guess it just keeps getting forwarded around the world???????
Shit eh. Kind of weird when you think of walking outside and you could be faced with that. In Australia we don't have anything close, short of stepping on a snake or choking on a barley sugar there aren't too many nasties anywhere near the same calibre in the Australian bush.

I have a mate who lived in South Africa and he has some pretty scary stories of rabid things trying to kill you on the way to the outside toilet, or when walking through the bush. My last dice with death was almost tripping over my chiller's hose when brewing-whew I was lucky to get away with that one.

When i lived in canada, i went hiking just after/during the winter thaw with my two rottweilers at a lake near where i lived(middle of nowhere in alberta), had been there a few hours when we heard a huge roar and saw a bear charging across the frozen lake at us and the dogs.

Apparently the little "darling" closing on us at about 30mph had just woken up from hibernation, and wanted a banquet of pr1me and dog for breaky.

Luckily we got back to the car and left before he made it to shore, where im sure he would have been able to run even faster then on the ice. The moral of the story is, bears do not f*ck around when they are angry or hungry. And dont go hiking without firepower up north in the boonies.
Justin said:
In Australia we don't have anything close
Well, actually thats not true. Australia may not have marauding bears, but we have heaps of deadly/dangerous animals.

Croc's, sharks, cassowary's, snakes, spiders, blue ringed octopus, irikanji box jelly fish (not sure how its spelled), mosquitos (ross river fever) etc etc etc.

Maybe not along the same lines as your bear, lion or tiger granted, but still quite dangerous..
Well not in Tassie anyway :p , but yes you are right. I didn't think of those, but then it's been a while since I wrestled a croc down here and mind you I wouldn't be afraid of a six metre croc anyway, they're just a bunch of big girls blouses.

So yeah, I still think the greatest threat in my immediate area is the chiller hose snake that lives on my decking near my brewery. Vicious little sucker too.

I think the bloke in the 3rd photo wishes he went to Tasie for his holiday instead of Alaska!
I joined this forum to advance my limited knowledge. I never thought I would see anything like this. However it is certainly educational, I always thought that bears ate nuts!
Sorry Tony M.
The bear did not seem interested in that bloke nuts though.
Tony M said:
I joined this forum to advance my limited knowledge. I never thought I would see anything like this. However it is certainly educational, I always thought that bears ate nuts!
I'm still wondering if they shit in the woods.

Doc :p
I was going through some old post's to see who my favourite AHBer was and came across this, and thought it might need a recall :p

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