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So heres the background.
I am a shortish bloke (about 176/178cm) and weighed in at about 100kg. I do have a big frame, but had quite a distended gut.

I decided I didn't liek the gut at 28 years of age, so got my ass into gear and started going to the gym 3 days a week doing situps and cardio excercise. As part of this regime I decided I was only going to drink beer on the weekends. Tough, I know.. but I felt I could cope.

3 months went by and I managed to lose about 7kgs, but it stalled. I was staying true and only drinking my Tooheys new on the weekends.

Then I re-discovered home brewing. I still stuck to my regiment even though being tempted beyond belief.

About 4 weeks ago now, I went to the doctor and had a cervacious cyst removed from my back, and gained 8 stitches for my efforts. The downside to this was that I couldn't go to the gym or do any physically straining activites.

Oh well, figured I.. I'll just have a few beers, and then whatever I put on weight-wise I'll just do my best to lose it again. So off I go. Drinking a few schooies of home brew each night, sitting on my ass watching TV.

Alas, the 2 glorious weeks came to an end and it was time to go back to the gym.

When I jumped on the scales, I had lost 3 kilos!!!! No way I thought and went to the manager asking him to recalibrate the scales, thinking they must be out.

"Well, I only did them 3 days ago, but if you want I can redo them." We chucked a 20kg weight on the scales and they came in at a perfect 44lbs. Imagine my surprise!

Does home brew beer affect your metabolism differently to regular swill?
BTW, I find it almost impossible to lose weight. Gaining it however, is somethign I excel at!
toned muscle weighs more than fat.
that happened to me, after i left the gym i lost 5kg
but that has since been put back on (and some)

but igronance id bliss, keep drinkin'

Well, I doubt highly if muscle will turn to (or more accurately, be replaced by) fat in 2 weeks.
I know i was rather inactive over the two weeks, but not _THAT_bad.

You need to get on ACA with that. They seem to feature diet after diet, and I reckon yours will at least inspire some men to get out there and try it

"Losing weight the fun way"
well actually i put on more weight with homebrew and don forget beer is a carbohydrate so to many and the body cant burn it off but who care u only kive once and beer is good i say
i just can't put on weight for the life of me iam over 6 foot and a light 75kg.
the average 20-30 litre of beer a week don't do anything at all to my gut.
so i don't think i could get a beer gut no matter how hard i try.

cheers jayse
sitting here trying to get a beer gut.
ive a mate who drank heaps ate lots of junk food and still remained lean.weird on the other hand..... :(
I have a bit of gut to spare Jayse

I was like you 6foot and 72kg all my adult life. Ate and drank whatever I wanted and could not put on a pound. Then I turned 30 and stacked on 10kg in about a year. At 36, I now struggle to stay under 85kg. And the only part of my body formerly not repulsive to women (my flat stomach) is now soft and round.

Drinking beer is definitely a factor, whether it's homebrew or not. The main indication, surely, is the FG. Those big FG beers have lots of unfermentables and chock full of calories. I love stouts and i reckon they are my main weight problem.

So I exercise, not to lose weight, but to allow me to keep drinking.
i'd be quite happy with 85kg. i guess it all depends where the extra weight goes.
Hey jayse
you sound exactly like my cousin over in Adelaide. Over 6 foot tall and skinny as a rake. Guzzles beer like there is no tomorrow. As well as all the food.
Sure its not something in the water over there. :D :D

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