The Brewing Network Show- 8/14/05

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Hello again Brew-Fans. Last Sunday's show is now in rotation on the stream if you missed it, so be sure to catch it. It was a long one, 3 hours, due to the fact that we had two great guests, Chris Graham of B3 and Colin Kaminski of Downtown Joe's in Napa, CA, and we were just having too much fun to stop at 7:00. But now it's time to look forward to this Sunday's show, which we have been anticipating for weeks now. It's finally time for the Vinnie Cilurzo Show. Vinnie, of Russian River Brewing Company, is the current king of the IPA with his famous Pliny The Elder, and also an expert Belgian brewer. Belgian's will be the topic of discussion this week so prepare your Belgian questions and call them in to Vinnie. Of course, Brewcasters Justin, Jon and Doctor Scott will have some other tricks up their sleeves for your brewing entertainment as well so don't miss out. Tune in Sunday at 5p.m. Pacific time and call your questions in to 1-888-401-BEER or join us in the chat room.

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