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hi all, I havent posted in here for a couple of years but this place is where I learnt all things brewing and I havnt forgotten that.

I visited a shop today with over 250 beers on the shelf and couldnt wait to tell you all!!! No affiliation etc etc blady! bla!

Its called the beer cartel and has some porters liquor signage its at unit 9/87 reserve rd ararmon nsw 2064 they have a website that delivers

They specialise in the rarer beers. Today i picked up something called a rexrex from the yeasty boys which is some sort of imperial strength monster of a beer. Sierra navada pale ale. Red duck hoppy amber a bier de garde from bridge rd brewery and a scotch ale from red hill brewery!

Anyway i was well impressed with the range and it is tucked away in a back road near where i live so im not sure how many people know about it, but the more the better, good beer for all.

Hope you enjoy it as much as i know i will.

- hopsta
+1 for beer cartel.
hard to find but they do have a nice range.
Expensive though, but then again all good beer in Australia is.

Id love to hear your thoughts on the xerrex after trying the rex attitude i decided to give it a miss.

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