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Hi all.
Did a search but couldn't find relevant results, so starting a thread to ask a couple of (noobish) questions:

I have a "Stuck tap". It's stuck shut (I may have forgotten to rinse it before going away on boxing day) and it's stuck onto the font, so I can't soak it to get it unstuck.

Guess I need one of these.

What other tools do people use to remove their taps? I have just the basic Krome brand taps that came with my 3 way font from a site sponsor. I tried some multigrips with some padding to stop them scratching the tap, but the whole tap is turning.

On top of that, when I went away I had a fresh keg carbing up. Keezer has been set up about 2 1/2 months, and have not noticed any change in amount of gas in (9 litre) bottle (micromatic gauge). Today I got home and it's (gas bottle) empty and all my kegs are flat. :(

You need the tap spanner

And now you understand why people go on about Perlicks :)
I use one of these, plus it doubles for a handy tool around the house

Also make sure you turn the thread clockwise, it got me first time too

Put a bucket under the tap to catch the mess, then pour some hot water over it.
Thanks M. Will try that tomorrow when SWMBO is at work.
"That" clockwise...

Tap removed and soaking in hot water now.

Empty CO2 bottle taken to Chubb fire and safety equipment (no affiliation etc,) Launceston branch, who will send it to their Hobart depot, refill it, and have it back for me to collect tomorrow afternoon, for about $50. Then I can get looking for leaks. I suspect my new manifold, or one of the joiners on it, as that was the only change to my gas lines recently. Guess I'll need some circlips as well as the spanner.
Spork... as you know, I have the same manifold as you and had a few issues with leaks at first too.

Be sure not to over tighten it. My 6 way manifold soon became a 5 way. I over tightened one of the "links/outlets" (in search for a better name) and because the thread is tapered then it split where the thread was connected to the next 'link/outlet".

Get some pink teflon tape too. You may need it and even if you don't right now, it will come in use eventually.
Thx. Bill.
Manifold was already assembled, so I haven't tightened anything. I notice it has the white plumming tape on it. I read somewhere that gas fittings shouldn't use any tape. Is the pink teflon tape esp. for gas?
Will be doing some thorough leak testing tomorrow when I get my gas back.
The pink stuff rates in temps from -232C to +287C and ensures leak free joints. It is used by Plumbers and Pipe Fitters. However I think the yellow tape is for gas fittings after reading a bit on teflon. Although I have the pink tape in some joints on the manifold now it all seems to be working as expected.

I do know the white tape shouldn't be used for gas as it is less density than the yellow or pink so it deteriorates quicker. You should also wrap the tape clockwise so it has less chance to "ball" up when threading.

Might need to look further into the application of pink tape for gas.

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