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im a kit brewer after a beer with a ncie long alchohol percent

any sugestions?????
a good liquid yeast that can handle higher alcohol %, like:

Super High Gravity Ale* Available Nov.-Dec. (WLP099)
Can ferment up to 25% alcohol. From England.
WLP099 Super High Gravity Yeast
Attenuation: 80; Flocculation: Low; Optimum Ferm. Temp: 69-74


Zurich Lager Yeast* Available Sept.-Oct. (WLP885)
Swiss style lager yeast. With proper care, this yeast can be used to produce lager beer over 11% ABV. Sulfur and diacetyl production is minimal. Original culture provided to White Labs by Marc Sedam.
Attenuation: 70-80; Flocculation: Medium; Optimum Ferm. Temp: 50-55
I brewed one a couple of months ago. Didnt turn out too bad, except for that strong alcohol after taste. I think it was about 11.2% alc.

Muntons Traditional Bitter
2kg of Glucose
1.5kg Light dried malt
Safale yeast
15g Goldings Hops

It had a dark red colour to it. Looks very nice and tastes great until you stop drinking it. Then the alcohol kicks in.
flanbos said:
im a kit brewer after a beer with a ncie long alchohol percent

any sugestions?????
the biggest and best kit beer i have ever made is a Barley Wine.
This is a huge malt beer - not for the faint hearted - supposed to be bottle conditioned for 12 months miniumum. Excellent on cold canberra nights.

2 x cans of Muntons Barley Wine (each can makes only 12 ltrs)
2 kg of liquid malt
200gms of dark brown sugar
good yeasts to use are: 1084 Irish Ale, 1728 Scotish Ale or 1222/1056 America ale - prefer 1084 myself.
50gms of Nth Brewer hops

Boil liquid malt and sugar in 10ltrs of water with hops for 20mins.
Add to fermenter with muntons Barley wine cans.
Top up to 24 ltrs with water.

Aiming for an OG of 1100+ Add dextrose to get gravity up if need be.
Aerate crap out of it and have a big yeast starter or pitch on the yeast cake from another primary ferment.
Pitch yeast at 20 degrees - Primary for 3 weeks and then rack to secondary.
Secondary for 4 weeks and CC for upto 3 months in the fridge.

Bottle in stubies. FG can be around 1018 to 125.

Dry hop in secondary with 50gms of East Kent Goldings.
Partial mash with 500gms Ale Malt, 500gms Munich or Vienna, 250 gms of english crystal or Amber Malt in 5 ltrs of water at 65 degrees for an hour.
Add this liquid wort to the pot at the start of the boil.

This Kits & Bits Beer is well worth it.

If u live in Adelaide - feel free to come up and try one with me...
Thanks heaps

those code number things after the liquid yeast name, what are they for, is that wat i need to ask for if im ordering the stuff?????