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oh. my first grainfather ='d my first step mash.

note :-

when you leave highly modified grain on 42 for 30mins, then 48 @ 15 mins, then 52@ 10 mins,

then that could be why the fermenter resembled a washing machine with 23kg of laundry detergent in it. i had to come in from work to rescue the wife from drowning in a sea of amber bubbles.

i now assume because the graph on this page says that those temps increase fermentation rates (big time, in my experience). no more low temp steps on mod grains for me, or maybe a little just to scientifically verify my assumptions.

am now doing 2nd grainfather (woo hoo!!!!) paying careful attention to this chart.

haha. what yeast/temperature were you fermenting with/at? Could have had a lot to do with it
temp was a pleasant 21 at pitch, then 18-19 for the first 12hrs, and all else was also at as close to perfect as you can get. never before had to donate beer to the surf lifesavers for rescuing the wife from a certain drowning though. so at this point, that's the only thing i can put it down to.

oh - ale yeast 16-25 degree pitch.