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Stainless 50L mash tun keg with Blichmann Auto Sparge

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squirt in the turns

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Commercial keg mash tun conversion. Bottom-draining to reduce dead-space. Comes with 2 ball valves with cam lock fittings, false bottom, lid, and a stainless Blichmann Auto Sparge. This setup is perfect for fly-sparging. The Auto Sparge has been installed but never used.

The bottom of the keg had 2 stainless bolts silver soldered to it to hold the false bottom in place. One has come loose (see pics) but this is an easy fix (and would work fine with just the one anyway).

Used to be part of my HERMS and I'm only selling due to downsizing as I moved to a smaller place.

Pick up from Palm Beach, QLD

Edit: adding price and location

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