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Hi guys I checked the FAQs and did a search here but I cant find and answer.

Is it important that I cool my extract wort down after the boil because otherwise splashing a hot wort would cause undesirable or stale flavours?

I read an artical that said splashing hot wort would cause oxidation, then when I was at the homebrew shop he told me it would not be a problem because there was no yeast in yet.

I know with my last homebrews that didnt taste any good I was pouring hot wort into the fermenter with cold water already in there, I thought maybe thats the problem.

Cheers guys.
It depends who you ask as to whether it matters or not.

Why are you pouring it in hot anyway?

How do you get it down to pitching temp?

The idea would be to stick the pot in the sink with some cold water to cool it down first.
Hot Side Aeration (HSA) can occur, but you have to try pretty hard to make it happen.

If you are pouring the hot wort into water that has been chilled to mix and hit the correct pitching temp you will be ok. Once you are at the correct pitching temp, before you add the yeast, you want to aerate it anyway.


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