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die sudhausanlage

Hi Guys, I have recently made a AG batch(today) of my Fav Beez Neez (clone) and I once again have come up short of the 23L that I had predicted. I was wondering if it is my sparging techniques letting me down. The OG of the Wort is 1050 so I dont think my overall efficiency is that bad (did not measure this time my bad) from 4 kg of Pilsner malt and 1 kg of Wheat malt.

So I have ended up with 22L @ 1050. I am running off the first runnings into the boiler then I use the John Palmer 2 inches above the grainbed(at all times during the lauter) technique. Pouring the sparge water (avg 72 deg C) onto a milo tin lid as not to disturb the grainbed.

I run the wort into the boiler at a rate of 1 L every 2 or so minutes. Is this too fast? If it is what is a better rate and how long does a sparge usually take most people.

I have done a search and I have seen a few ways of sparging. I think the way I do it is on the fly, correct me if I am wrong.



Sounds to me like you are not calculating your boil-off correctly.
What is your evap / hour calculated at ? Good rolling boil ?

Mate Im new to this maybe you should tell me what I need to aim for.

Sufice to say I have been reading johns book and I am basing my recipe on 6 gal.
Am I missing something here?

If you are ending up just 1L short - either top up with 1L or sparge with an extra 1L of water...
I think I have the answer. In Johns book it says stop sparging when your output reaches 1008. So thats what i did. In the boiler I had at least 26 L to begin with and I had a nice boil going.
I had a boil over inside the boiler, lid was on.

I followed Wes's (maltcraft)advice and sampled the wort, He advised me if it tastes like a cup of tea, its time to stop. That is the Tannins comming through.
So I stopped the lauter. The Wort did have a "cup of tea" taste to it, no sweetness was evident.

I want to be able to finish with 23 L first go all the time preferably without toping up.

So I guess I want to know when do I stop the lauter?
I am a tad confused.

DS, Calibrate a spoon or something at 23Ltr and always top up the kettle to that level with water. When you get all the other mash parameters inline (bit like the planets...) you can re-calibrate.

Tasting the final runnings is a good guide but you need to also address the pH of the sparge water - it should be below 7.0 and preferably around 6.5 or even 6.0. Adjust with phosphoric acid BEFORE the sparge.


hi die
where do we start and where do we stop.
i batch sparge so after quite a few brews ive finally achieved my final outcome of 22-23 litres per brew.
now averaging 23 minus about 1 litre left in the bottom of the kettle.
there are heaps of factors to of the main ones being the vigour of your boil which effects evaporation rates.the amount of dead space at the bottom of the kettle etc.
have a look at the grain and grape site about batch sparging written by our resident sparge/brew guru chiller.he has helped me out heaps via batch sparging.
maybe get a brew program that will help you heaps once you know your system well.
ie promash or beersmith.

biggest advice would be to get real intimate with your system and know its potential as all systems take quite a bit of understanding to achieve a regular return.

hope this helps.
im sure you will get more advice

big d