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big d

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well im currently waiting for 100kg of jw pale malt to arrive at my neck of the woods.the first trial ag brew is going to be a jayse specialty.skunk fart pale ale.
i want to nail this brew so ive got it down pat.
the specialty grains i have at the moment are...

question is to you ag brewers out there what are some good recipes i can try using pale malt as a base.jovial monk in a posting has mentioned a no specialty grain brew such as one base malt and one hop.this i will try.
any thoughts appreciated.

big d
Great stuff Big D, 100kg should keep you going for a couple of weeks at least :huh:.

I have brewed five skunk farts to date, each different but happy with them all. Only tip I would have is go light on the chinook .... strong stuff. Best one I reckon I have made was all cascade.

I have been stuffing about trying to make a nice english bitter. The latest which is bubling away is:

4.5kg Pale
400g Munich
300g Crystal 120L
200g Wheat
20g Chocolate.

Hopped with
30g Northern Brewer & 10g Progress @ 60mins
28g EKG 15 mins
28g EKG 10 mins

May dry hop it depending on how it tastes after the secondary.

WYeast 1968 London ESB

Not sure how she will taste but I will let you know if it comes out alright. Hoping it will be similar to Fullers ESB but I am really just guessing :p

Hope that truck full of grain shows up soon :chug:
Well I don't like the stuff at all !
Yuk ....have 100gm from Grumpys that i am taking down to Perth for the Guest Lurker
I don't want the stuff
mmmm now youve got me thinking batz
here i am going to buy 500gms of the stuff.well then again it comes with a warning on various usa sites.ya either love it or hate it i guess.i know im going to have to buy it as its a key ingredient in the sister star of the sun calls for 3 oz(85grams) during the boil.and this is one american ipa that im definetely going to brew.
high ibus
big d ,
tell ya what , I'll post it up to you , promise you'll hate it
batz mmmaaaate
but its even in the other recipe im going to day
the famous arrogant ******* ale clone.all 3 ozies again.what the heck am i doing to my taste even going to try brewing a 100 ibu american style ipa.
check the site out...yellow beers are for pussies..or something like that. :(
it's on it's way
and I told ya so !

Sounds like Chinnook Hops are like Fuggles - you either like them or hate them.
Munich and pale make a nice malty ale. Try an all pale, then the same recipe but with 1K Munich replacing one kilo of the JW.

The Caramalt, is that the british stuff (verylight crystal??) Is so, even I would not mind 100g in the mash. If it is the JW stuff, I dunno, not impressed much by JW.

Wheat malt: hefeweizens, weizen bocks etc. I try to include 250g wheat malt in all my mashes, for various reasons but the main one is head retention. I often don't bother including the wheat malt in the recipe

You mention you are getting Cascade. Are they pellets? If they are not pellets and are not from last years harvest then send them back: Cascade and centennial store very poorly and after 12 months are dreadful hops according to my US buddies.

When judging at a comp here last year, the only Pale Ales that had a nice clean nose were the Cascades. Use as flavor/aroma hops, Centennial for bittering.

When are you popping your AG cherry?

Jovial Monk
just waiting on the grain to arrive hopefully in a week or two then its full steam ahead.all hops i get are idea on the birthplace of the caramalt.
thanks for the suggestions.
when you last mentioned a one malt one hop mash what would the suggested hop schedule be.

big d
JM, can you eloborate on the hop thing. I am thinking of getting 500g - 1kg of cascade pellets as I seem to be going through these. :D

What should you look for/ how do you tell what season etc ..??

Not sure where I will get them ... Grain & Grape seem to be the cheapest I have seen (not that that is the only measure).
bigD, here is a great, clean flavorsome single hop single malt beer
gonna brew 40L of this soon as weather cools down towards winter

(All Grain) 25L
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This Homebrew Recipe was added by
Face on January 26, 2002 at 17:33:05:
(Please contact them if you have questions about the Recipe)

Brewing Method: All Grain
Yeast: British Ale Yeast
Yeast Starter: 1 pint
Batch Size: 25L
Original Gravity: 1046
Final Gravity: 1013
Alcohol Content: 4.7 %
Total Grains: 5.41
Extract Efficiency: 75 %
Hop IBU's: 35
Boiling Time: 90 mins
Primary Fermentation: 5 days @ 18C
Secondary Fermentation: 4 weeks @ 10C
Additional Fermentation:

Grain Bill:

5,81K Maris Otter

Hop Bill:

75g EKG whole 90 mins
25g EKG whole 15 mins
8g at flameout
dryhop with 2-3 EKG cones in secondary

Mash Schedule:

Single infusion mash, 2L/K water @ 69C for 90 mins

sparge to collect 25L boiled down to 23L in kettle, i.e. undersparge

Brewers Notes:

Very simple one-malt, one hop. I brewed this 26/12/01, bottled/kegged this morning (26/1/02) Wonderful aroma and taste, light gold color, tons of mouthfeel

My first original recipe!

Any good HBS owner should know the vintage of the hops he has bought to resell. Hop & Grape will know. In Feb the 03 harvest should be in, be worth waiting in the case of Cascade & Centennial, and get pellets unless you will use the hops up in 2-3 months. Cascade flowers stored in a very cold freezer for one year was found to have lost 80% of its myrcene. And as I had said, the taste and aroma coarsen according to some of my US buddies. pellets do not deteriorate as much, but still worth getting new harvest.

Jovial Monk
Thanks JM, will wait for march before putting in a big order on the cascades. Starting to lean toward pellets these days so good to know they may last a bit better.
Alright, good!

Now if I can intrude a commercial note here, it seems the Perth HBS are expensive, so when you are ready ask me for a quote.

A parcel of gross weight 7-10K posted to Perth costs $20.20 and I have sent a couple of them so it must be worthwhile

Jovial Monk
Just thought I would post back on the english bitter recipe above. Keg ran out so this sucker is now in consumption (2.5wks since mash :rolleyes: ).

Bloody tasty beer which I think I can mostly attribute to the Wyeast 1968 London ESB. Was a bit worried that it may be a hard one to get to ferment out after speaking to Guest Lurker at the PBDO. Went well and it even managed a krausen of about an inch for a few days. But a hugely flocculent yeast! :eek:

Beer is a nice redy brown with a rich malty taste with a hint of the chocolate coming through. I did a similar grain bill with S04 and it had nothing on the maltyness (sp?). Anyway a nice drop that I think will be even better in a couple of weeks if I can leave it alone. The yeast seems to really have come up how I was hoping on this one. May try a few more bittering hops next time but not too much more.

Hmmmm :chug: :chug:
I never much did like Saf04

Liquid yeasts RULE!

Flocculant yeasts should be roused daily by swirling the fermenter of stirring the yeast back off the bottom of the fermenter with a brewpaddle

Jovial Monk

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