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a friend of mine in queensland wants to have a sample of some of my homebrew, as he is keen on starting himself. So ive got a bit of a 2 part question, can i send bottles in the post? i would obviously send PET bottles so they dont smash. Only want to send a bottle of each of my 3 or 4 brews. Then when he gets them he can fridge them for a few days and give me some feed back.

And the other part is, if this can be done, would any of the master brewers here be interested in posting me a few brews with receipts and stuff (i would be willing to pay for everything). As i am just a beginer homebrewer myself, i would like to know what can be acheived. like the different tastes between AG and Mash and kit.

Anyone think this is a good idea?

Just trying to find what i really like, so im doing lots of experimentation.


Good question Kman. If it can be done i would love to take part. I got a couple of great brews i could post to u. I cant see why it would not work. Would also love to try some different beers too. We will see what the response is like.
yeah, hopefully someone will know if it is possible to send beer via australai post (i dont see why you couldnt, ive seen wine post packs)

hope others are willing to get involved.

so far all i have is a coopers sparkling ale and a mexican with honey (which i would love some opinions on). And i think i still have a few bottles of canadian blonde left.

I've sent beer via AusPost a number of times.
Some for comps and tastings (in bottles).
Some to other brewers (in pet bottles).

For glass bottles I wrap in bubble wrap, then pad out a box with newspaper.
Tape it all up good and off it goes.

Plastic, is pretty much the same, just don't need to be as careful as the risk of breaking isn't there.

I have also received a bottle using this method of mailing them.


I dont where you are as you have not filled out your location in your control panel....

But i am interested - i have a really nice Theakstons based on the Grumpys Kit that is heaps better than the original.
ok, ive changed my location stuff, as you can now see, im in geelong


Did well against Essendon.....

Dont know if they will win next week.
Auspost also do bottle packs which will hold a tallie(750ml).I have used this method on a number of occasions(all glass bottles sent).They're about $4 each though. You'd be better off packing the bottles into a box as Doc described.

Is there not others in your general direction????

You ask a fellow brewer over for a drink; and you usually need a restraining order to get rid of them, though they normally bring some bragging beer with them. Luckily for you, I'm too far away.

PM me with you details and I'll see what I can send.
Looking at the Aust. Post Postal Charges it's not cheap to post this stuff around, over any great distance anyway.
The idea of exchanging brews was suggested some time ago by Big d

It's a great idea but it did'nt seem to get off the ground , I am keen to give it a go , I will need to bottle more brews in PET bottles

Of course there is a cost , but if it's a swap of brews everyone wins

Interested in your thoughts
well im keen as mustard, so heres what ive got, all in coopers PET bottles:

Canadian Blonde - 7 weeks old
Mexican (with alittle honey) - 5 weeks old
Coopers Sparkling Ale - 3 weeks old

they are all kit beers, but if anyone is interested in a trade let me know. I would love some feedback.

A mate of mine lives in the states and about 12 months ago he asked me to send him a half case of Carlton Cold to him in Michigan. I stubbies and all. Just wrapped them up real good and packed them tight in a box. Cost him AU$67 and he had them in 17 days. None broken and all still fully carbed.

lol, thats a whole lot of effort for some coldies
Gee Booga they must be in a bad way over there in Michigan if they are importing Carlton Cold.
For about $4 you can buy a polystyrene bottle holder designed to send two wine bottles in the mail. It will hold two long necks and can be reused many times before it falls apart. Worth it.

It costs $5.80 to send two longnecks within Perth metro, about $13 to send Perth - Adelaide and about $15 to send Perth - Sydney.
OK I'll put my hand up.

Anyone in Adelaide want to swap? Perth seems pointless coz we could swap at bigD's party. Sydney/Melbourne a bit expensive. And all the best brewers seem to be Perth or Adelaide ;-)

I will send you a porter and a dark ale. Both extract and specialty grains recipes. You can use the same box to send me two of yours.

I would prefer someone who trusts their palate and will give me an honest appraisal. No platitudes, please.
OK if anyone has got a nice kit Lager, Pilsener or a Porter i can offer in return a very nice Guinnness copy or a ESB 3kg EXTRA SPECIAL STOUT or a ESB 3kg CZECH PILSENER or a very nice COOPERS HERITAGE SPARKING ALE. I am in Newcastle so i guess a postal swap on the east coast would be good to keep postal costs down?
>>>>And all the best brewers seem to be Perth or Adelaide ;-)<<<

Thats a bit steep DeeBee, I don't know if I should be insulted ;) or take that as a hint to move to perth. :D

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