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die sudhausanlage

I am looking to setup a Rims system, I'd like to know 2 things:

One being the average cost all up. Rough estimates are Ok.

Two when did you decide to graduate to the RIMS or system.

Please specify any external costs eg welding or brazing.

Ive seen a few on here and the gallery and all look very impressive.

I appologise if this is re hashing old posts.

If so just chuck the link in this thread and I will read it.


I guess the cost can vary considerably.
Dependant on how you source your kettle, MLT, HLT etc.
Whether you use stainless or aluminium.
What type of fittings (stainless etc).

Off course you will be doing it all legally, right :lol:


PS: You inbox is full.

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