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Goldings is a great name for a brewer/hop grower ;)

Goes into quite a bit of detail, even mentioning specific grains and relative IBU levels

"KAREN and David Golding discovered the Red Hill region, southeast of Melbourne, after a stretch of footloose research in Europe, Britain and New Zealand. With the CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) Good Beer Guide as their road map, they wandered and explored, putting down shallow roots in such English countryside havens as the Cotswolds and The New Forest.

This gypsy-style wandering had a focus: to explore beer styles and brewing techniques. But the next bit was harder. After settling on the bush-laced Red Hill, located towards the toe of Mornington Peninsula, they faced more than eight years planning and developing, raising money and confronting complicated red-tape obstacles. All to set up something the Mornington Peninsula did not have: a microbrewery.

With its rolling hills and seaside, the entire peninsula - the eastern leg of Port Phillip Bay - is a trove of low-key villages and diverse produce. There are nearly 60 cellar doors in the region. A farm-gate brochure lists 21 visitable farms and orchards, their produce and seasonal harvests. There are goats, berry farms and orchards, olive groves and beehives, herbs, chemical-free garlic, beautiful seafood and, now, hand-brewed beer.

The Goldings opened Red Hill Brewery, still the peninsula's only microbrewery, in 2005. It's an 800-litre, steam-fired operation, with copper-clad brew kettles imported from the US (a "six-month journey")."
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If that link doesnt work just google "Boutique breweries create ales for all seasons" (the headline) and you'll get the full article.

Good write up, I always try and pop in for an ale when the Mrs wants to go to a few cellar doors down that way.
Very good article thanks for the heads up. Would like to sample the beers with their own homegrown hops.
Went there about a year ago with some mates. It's a great place.

The Scotch Ale is excellent. The others are pretty good too. We were there in winter though so no hops/bines :(

Good food too.
Wolfy, would have met you down there if i had of known...
Inlaws got a bit grumpy after Mornington market so was only able to stop at Hickinbotham (lovely summer ale made with their own Cascade hops) and then for strawberry-desert (@Sunnyridge) and had to skip RedHill brewery this time. :(
The Scotch Ale is excellent. The others are pretty good too. We were there in winter though so no hops/bines :(
I quite enjoy the Scotch Ale as well - they just picked their hops last week, so expect one of their hop-harvest type brews sometime soon. :)

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