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A while ago I bought a submersible pump with the intention of using it to wash my beer lines, I finally got around to looking at it. I had been putting it off as I assumed that I would need to buy some other "stuff" to get something functional.... it turns out when working out what I needed to buy I already had everything.

So here it is, in all its glory for the very first time it was used (just recirculating luke warm water intially).

Embedded video isn't working for me, so here is a link New video by Cameron Watt

It consists of:
  1. Submersible pump with 1/2" outlet
  2. 1/2" male to male nipple
  3. 1/2" female to triclover
  4. triclover straight tube
  5. triclover to balllock post end piece
I tell my significant other it only cost me the price of the pump (ignoring the other bits and bobs I already had, which add up of course).

I had wondered if I needed a bleed off of some sort but the pump seems to cope with the tap being shut off for a short time (at least when turning the power on and off).

With a different font or bucket arrangment you could wash multple lines at the same time but adding some kind of manifold with multiple ball lock posts (depending on pump capacity)

[edit] Removed embedded video that wasn't displaying for me
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