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Hi I am wonderin if anyone has a good partial mash recipe for a raspberry wheat beer..This will be my 2nd try at a partial.
I can't help you with a recipe, but experimenting is what home brewing is all about.

Why not just do a partial mash wheat beer as normal, then rack onto a bunch of Rasberries for 2ndry ferm?

Worth a try.
I recently did as Bats explained with an all grain wheat recipe.

Just racked onto about 1kg of frozen raspberries (which I 'potato' mashed with a 2 cups of boiling water. This was after 10 days of fermentation. Once racked onto raspberries, I kept at fermenting temps for 4 more days, then dropped the temp to about 3c for a further 4 days, before kegging.

Was really happy with the result. A nice pink tinge to the beer as well as an awesome raspberry aroma and taste on the palate. A winner with SWMBO aswell, which always helps.

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There is a raspberry wheat beer in the recipeDB. I have made it a couple of times. Gets better with age.
Im guessing The frozen raspberries can be added straight but when using fresh fruit you need to stew them first to kill off any nasty microorganisms?
Don't cook fruit then add. All you get is a stewed fruit character. Which 99% of the time is not what your after. I'd suggest having a read of the wiki articles on here about fruit and their use in beers for the better way of doing it
I might try Budron's recipe this weekend!

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