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When I first started brewing I always wanted to use filtered water, as I know the taste difference between filtered water and water we get from our taps.

I figured with beer being 99% water, that using a better quality or a purified water should ae a better final product.

Initially I used to fill up out kitchen water jug (which has a filter built into it) and would wait for the water to filter and then pour that into the fermenter. While there was no problem with the water, the time involved and the small amount of water it could hold meant that it was taking ages to get to the 20-23L's mark in the fermenter.

I started looking around, initially I wanted to get a filter that just screwed onto the tap and filters as you turn the tap on - but after looking I found these to be quite expensive.

The outcome was to make my own cheap but effective system and so far it has been a perfect solution.

I purchases two 30L drums (with lids) and drilled a hole in the bottom of one drum. I drilled a matching hole in the lid of the second drum.
I purchased a Britta water filter (the replacement types - I think there are about 20 bucks for 3) and slotted it into the first drum. The hole was exactly the right size for the filter.

To filter water I simply stack the two drums on top of each other and fill up the top drum, within 10 mins I have filtered 30L of water ready to go into the fermenter.

Have a look at the pics for a better idea.

2nd Pic

Look at the filter at the bottom of a water filled drum.

Nice setup Fiscus.
I too use a brita water filter for beer brewing water.
I have the on tap job though.
My father-in-law is a plumber so I got him to install a tap in my brew-shed. Attached the water filter to it, and bingo filtered water.
I wait until Grace Bros or Bunnings are having a sale on replacement filters and buy a couple then. Generally the filters last about 4-6 months dependant on how much brewing I'm doing.

Yeah the Britta's seem to do the job and I too wait around until they are on special - you can save quiet a bit on them.
That looks like a great idea. I'd seen those britta jobbies in kmart but hadn't considered using a larger vessel. Any info on how many litres per filter?

From memory I think the packaging was 200L's - but I am sure they want you to replace it earlier rather than later.

So they last a fair number of brews.

The general instructions say it lasts a couple of months for normal 'water jug / fridge'.

I'm going to give this set up a go, a couple of question though.

What size hole did you drill?


How do you actually fit the filter?

Cheers, great idea.

I will have to check when I get home and measure the hole.

When I started this I was thinking of all fancy and ingenious ways of getting the filter in the and securing it without making it permantent - but when I started the plans changed.

By chance I have a drill-saw (attachement to the drill for drilling large holes) that was the exact same size as the filter. I drilled the hole and just pushed the filter in. It was a snug fit that was watertight - the water presure from above only helps it being absolutely watertight.

The ideas of o-rings and clamps went out the window and this worked a dream and was super simple.

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