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Hi everyone,
I have a bock brewing at the moment, and I'd like to throw my next batch straight onto the yeast cake when I'm done. The only problem is I used hop flowers, and they went straight in, not into a bag. So my yeast cake will end up with bits of hop through it.

My question is....will this affect the next brew?

My current plan is to add some more water/DME mix once I rack off the bock, run this through GMK's fabulous filter into my other fermenter. Will this work, or is it a recipie for disaster and a clogged filter?

Any advice would be welcome...especially telling me to use a hop bag next time :)
Should have no probs with the might be alittle slow - might need to clean it out half way thru...

i would pitch on th eyeast cake with the flowers still in there - alternatively pour the yeast cak ethru a ss metal sieve into the fermenter - this would trap any flowers...

Hope this helps.

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