Problem Wiht Fridge With Keg Setup

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Help. I am not fridge expert but the fridge i used for my keg set up started freezing on me in the buttom. Being an old fridge it might be normal but is there anything i can do to make it better? The weird thing is all the bottles in the fridge (such as beer bottles or coke cans ) aren't freezing but half of the two kegs are both frozen making the beer not flow thru the tap. I got the fridge for free from a friend.. any help will be appreiciated. Just wondering if a thermostat in the fridge might make it work better? If so how do they work and about how much do they cost?
mchiu,i have been told that old fridges have a habit of say clogging up and one possible remedy is to drill a series of small holes around the bottom skirt of the fridge to allow the excess condensastion to freely drain away, the bottom skirt being the bit,piece,part that faces directly at the floor when the fridge is standing upright in its normal position.i am led to believe that old fridges do this when the seals start to break down and the cold air collects around the bottom section of the fridge and freezes up. hope this helps.spog

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