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Good to see Bluesky is bucking the trend in Cairns. Just wish they would get the finger out and open a new bar in town.

If you are part tourist guide and part brewer you should be in with a chance.

Cairns is a paradise if you happen to be unemployed and an alcoholic roaming the town robbing tourists and locals alike.
My memory of cairns is chasing some prick down the street who had just robbed some German tourist of their phone and wallet whilst they were swimming in that pool in town. Nearly caught him when he lost his thong but my fat arse was t fast enough
I must say that recently Cairns has got a bad name due to drunken itinerants lurking round the town as a result of the Bligh Government alcohol bans in the Cape that brought them down here and also to other local towns.

Waiting to see how long it takes the new government to get things sorted.

Saying that Cairns is pretty safe generally as long as you take care and don't draw attention to yourself.

Should be good shovelling grains in the Blue Sky brewery.
I moved here from Sydney over 12 months ago and am not going back anytime soon. Every city has its issues be it Fortitude Valley or South West Sydney. Its frequently about perception and you have to be street smart wherever you are and not be part of the problem.

I got hit on mutiple times every day walking from Elizabeth St through Central Railway to work. In India it hardly happened at all ( I think maybe twice). I found Central Railway infinitely more threatening than any of the gaols I've worked in. Our friends were horrified when we went to the middle east after 911. The day after the US started bombing Iraq, R and I travelled through the Palestinian refugee camps east of Amman, treated with complete respect.

Try driving up the coast from Cairns to Port Douglas and not be impressed

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