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Hey everyone!

I'm currently doing a Choc-Honey Porter. At the moment it is in primary fermentation. I put it in 12 days ago and the airlock is still consistently bubbling away. I was just wondering if it is safe to leave a brew in primary for approximately 2 weeks? I've never had one in primary for this long and I'm worried about the sediment giving the beer a foul taste.

I'm thinking about moving it to secondary on Monday (it should be ready by then).

Had a quick taste of it this morning. Has a rich, chocolate taste though the honey is a little hard to distinguish.

Should it be alright until Monday?
should be fine.

I've had a brew go for a couple of weeks in primary then was in secondary for 4 weeks and no off flavours occurred.
Yeast autolysis is yucky when it happens but yeast won't eat itself if there's still fermentables about. It mostly happens in high temperatures, so you should be fine. I've left beers in primary for up to 3 weeks without ill effect. Take gravity readings tho. The bubbling might not be caused by fermentation. If the gravity does not change over 48 hours, it's definately done.
I'm pretty sure there are still fermentables in there. I put in 500g of Cadbury Drinking Chocolate, 500g of Red Gum Honey, 500g of Dark Dry Malt, and 500g of Dextrose.

When I put it into secondary, I'm gonna put in another 500g of Red Gum Honey.

Can't wait to see the alcohol content of this one!
Just be a bit careful:
1)drinking chocolate/coffee etc can leave an oily residue in your beer; &
2)introducing honey in secondary will get fermentation going again & you will end up with further sediment necessitating racking to tertiary.
Otherwise 2-3w in primary = fine.

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