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Okay, I have borrowed a digital camera to show you guys what beers I lovingly :rolleyes: carried home with me from the UK. Hop this doesn't make anyone jealous ;)

In this first piccy we have 2 beers from the City of Cambridge Brewery, Hobsons Choice which is a lovely hoppy golden ale at 4.1%. And Parkers Porter, a malty smooth beer at 5.3%
The other beer is Jolly Ploughman, a full flavoured premium ale, amber in colour. This is 5%.

This next photo has 2 beers from the Blencowe Brewing Co. This is the micro I spent a day at brewing beer :D . First of all there is Danny Boys, a 4.6% dark bitter which is roasty with a touch of aniseed (do I sound wanky enough to become a beer writer? :rolleyes: ) Secondly we have Boys With Attitude, an ESB at 6.0%. I haven't tried this one yet.
The other beer is Banana Bread Beer from Charles Wells. It is 5.5% and just has to be tasted to be believed. A real aroma of bananas and the flavour is there as well although it is more like lolly bananas. Still a very unusual beer.

glad you had a good time over ther TDA

banana bread beer?
only in pommyland
The last two beers we have McEwans Champion. The ultimate Scottish Ale with a rich strong flavour, sweet, fruity, mellow and at 7.3% on a cold English Winters night it warms the cockles of one's heart. I love this beer.
Finally CH'TI Ambree (Amber) which is French farmhouse ale or Biere de Garde.
This is sweet, sour ,earthy all at once. Quite unusual and is 5.9%

Well there you go, I tried all but one of these beers in the UK and bought back same.
Some unusual and some awesome Pommy/Scottish beers. And a French tickler of the nose :p

Notice it was the Scots and French beers that knocked ye sideways!! :D
great post TDA. i love hearing about overseas beers if i cant taste them for myself. looks like you still have a bit of work ahead!!

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