Plans For Temp Ctl Frementation Box?

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I've got an old cupboard which I want to use as a fermentation box for ales. I ripped the guts of it out and put a couple of new shelves in. It holds four fermenters in sepearate compartments. Now I need to regulate the temp in these compartments. I think i've seen plans for something like this using light globes and pc fan, but can't locate it.

Has any done something similar ? Has anyone got some plans for this sort of project ?
Have a look at

This chiller uses frozen PET bottles as a source of cool air and links a fan to a thermostat to move that cold air around the fermenter when the temperature rises above the specified temp.

Someone recently posted a great idea about ripping a fan and 12V adaptor out of an old computer for this purpose. Dick Smith sells them for about $25.
I have a heat box which holds a single fermenter. I made it from an old internal door (particle board) & wired a batten holder in which sits under a shelf made from a cut down milk crate that supports the fermenter. I use a 40W globe controlled with a dimmer to maintain the temp but I reckon a box that holds 4 fermenters would need a fan as well. Mine works fine although I don't need to use it very often because the ambient temperature is usually OK for ales. A small fridge for lagers would be more useful.
I work with parking ticket machines we have a small heater rigged up with a 50w element, small thermostat and 80mm square computer style fan. Keeps the internal temps at around 3-4 deg c even with the Canberra winter freezing away at -5. The machine cabinents are uninsulated 5mm thick S/S left out in the worst the mother nature can throw at it. Needless to stay I use one to brew over winter in an old bar fridge I have-keeps at 18-20 deg no worries at all!

If you want pics then let me know....

Sounds great Matt, any pics you could supply would be great. Can you source any more of the elements, thermostats or fans ?
I would be interested in some too Popsy...

Sorry I don't have any pics of my ferment box, but, I'll try to describe it as best I can. During the last round of council pickups I was lucky enough to pickup 2 veneer boardroom tables with solid wide legs (600mm x 800mm) (4 legs in total). This was used to build the box which hold four 30l carboys. 1 leg each for the bottom, top and both sides. Part of one of the table tops I used for the back of the box and I built a light weight removable panel for the front. Inside, I used some old MDF to create a small box (to contain either the light globe or PET bottles of frozen water) off to one side and cut a panel access in the side of the ferment box so I could get in to change frozen water bottles without exposing the fermenting beer to the warmish temp outside. At this point I realised the ferment box was bloody heavy without any fermenting beer in it, so I decided to visit a couple of "Fresh Food People" and abscond with some trolly wheels that I bolted onto the bottom. I got some 3" styrofoam to insulate the top and bottom some 15mm esky insulation (from Clark Rubber) to insulate the sides and front access panel. During the council pickups I also gutted several 286 PCs for the fans and 12v adaptors and a crappy old lamp. I bought from Jaycar a Thermostat which controls the light to turn on and off as well as a digital thermometer that I mounted outside so that I could see what the temp was inside the box when it was closed up. I was originally planning to put a hinged door on the front, but decided just to have an access panel that is held in place by bungy snaps (these can be found at any ship's chandlers). During the first winter of its life it has kept my ales at a constant 18 degress C (+ or - 1 degree). I've yet to see how well it performs in the summer.
I got some 3" styrofoam to insulate the top and bottom some 15mm esky insulation (from Clark Rubber) to insulate the sides and front access panel.


Re the 15mm esky insulation -
Tell me more about this product.
How does it come, Sheet size etc?
Would it insulate a converted keg for a mash tun?
Is it like wet suit material or what?
Could you insulate a cold keg with it to take to a party etc?
The imagination is racing - again.


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