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Green Iguana

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I have posted some pictures from my second all grain brew day in the gallery section, if anyone is intrested....
Good pics there GI. Top use of the ol' camping barbie there as well ;)

Top darts,

Great pics GI. I'm contemplating AG in the near future. It was good to see the whole process from start to finish in your photos.
So GI how big was your boil?
That looks great, very similar to the way i have been going. But i never thought of doing a 12 or 15 litre boil with a AGer. I thought to go was to to cut up a keg and do a full volume boil. But if you are only boiling 12 or 15 litres (as i do in my part mash's) it save the drama of making a wort chiller.
GI - i've been thinking of using a bbq the same as yours for my boil. What did you use to keep the pot above the burner? I was just thinking of using some bricks.
The main pot was able to boil 15 ltrs....i had another two smaller stock pots on the kitchen stove which could handle 10 ltrs.... so the total boil volume was about 25 ltrs...

The pot is kept above the burner by metal supports which i found at the tip..........if u want a burner like the barbie... go to the recycling shop at a tip near u...sort through all the crap...there's some real treasure in there for brewery constructions...the one in the photo plus the metal supports cost me $ boils 15 L in about 10-mins.......

I'am angle grinding a keg the next brew on sat will be much easier....

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