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Found links and references today to the Periodic Table of Beer Styles LINK
There appear to be many people selling them on the internet.
Anyone know or seen them in Australia ?
Would look great in the brew shed.


This site actually has a bigger version and more info. Although they do blur the non-focus part of the chart so you can't just download it.

I was so impressed with this, I decided to buy it! I found it on for a little cheaper than, but most importantly the shipping was a lot less.

They say it will be here in 10-15 days?

So anyone have a BIG scanner ;) ?

I just received an E-mail from

Price is $11.99 US including shipping ($7.00 US) for the poster.

Checking to see if i can order this on Credit Card....
At All the poster was $9.00 and the shipping was $10.00. wanted $23.00 for shipping to OZ, I don't think so!


I take it those costs were in US$....
Yes, alas that is true. Couldn't find anywhere in OZ that sold it, but maybe I wasn't looking hard enough...

Have discovered we have an A0 scanner here at work. Its Black and White only, but it might be worth giving it a go eh?


-# Bradford #-
I would be interested in a B&W Copy....if you can do one...
B&W is fine for me if you can do it.


Add me to the list too please :)

and with any luck I'll see you at the Australian on the forthcoming weekend. BTW is SWMBO coming as well. If so I can hopefully talk mine into it as well, particularly seeing as she tried the Scharers Bees Knees ale down at Picton and wants some more.

How many copies were you making????

If there's a spare one I'd like one too :(

The scanner is actually in our Engineering and Drafting dept and its used for scanning in scematics and the like. When I asked the manager if it would scan photos he looked at me kind of odd and said he couldn't see whay not.

Its only about 9 months old so I'm going to give it a try next week. Alas the only printer we have is actually a plotter, but I reckon if I burnt it onto CD for you you guys you could probably get Kwik Copy or whoever to print it out for a few bucks.

Will let you know how things go, but hold off buying your own for the moment!

Trev, not sure yet, but I might be able to get her along. I bought a Beez Neez a few weeks back. Nice as it was, it wasn't really my sort of beer, maybe its different on tap.
Would seem weird that a new scanner can't do colour. Would seem that with schematics colour doesn't matter, so they have never tried it.
There is bound to be a colour scan option there somewhere.
Maybe put the scanned image file in the gallery when you have scanned it in, or private message us for our email addresses etc. and email it on or if it is too big put it on an FTP server somewhere.
Sounds like a cunning plan. A plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel.

You guys that ordered the poster; has it arrived?


Let me know what its like when you get it

Nope, sorry it hasn't arrived yet...I'm just hoping they didn't send it sea mail.

If it arrives in time for next weekend I'll bring along a few cd's, but yeah I'll upload it to the file area.

I'll let you all know the day it arrives.
Has it turned up yet, maybe its going via Iraq

How are you going with the scan?

with CAD (comp aid design) you actually draw with colours... :)

but the only thing is that these colours are interpreted (by either the program or the printer) and they are drawn as different thickness lines in black for each colour... :(

A0 is twice as big as A1 which is 2x as big as A2 which is 2x A3 is 2x A4.....
that's 2x2x2x2 = 16x bigger than common paper size LxW or probly 8x the length and width of your scanner at home...

if you think about it, a B/W scanner that big must be pretty expensive...
but a colour scanner that big surely would be heaps??!!?!? :unsure:

Good news it has been scanned. We scanned it in at B&W, 400dpi and even though some of the writing is only about 8pt, it's done a pretty good job. Only came in at 2.7 Meg. The original doesn't have a lot of colour in it anyway, so I don't think you will have lost much.

Now all I have to do is work out where to upload it to. There is a file are on this board right?

Well, enjoy!

The gallery will only let me post GIF and JPG but the file is in TIFF and I fear too much loss of quality if I convert it. ANy suggestions oh wise ruler of the board? I can just chuck it on a free FTP somewhere, but ity would be nice if I could post it here.
Email it to Fiscus and get him to post it onto the site.
You will need to as the max upload is 2Mb.

Then we will all have access to it.


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