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I have three that look the same from keg king and no dramas .
Doesnt the regulator have a check valve built in??? I have a Tesuco???

Most regulators don't. I want to put a check valve on each of my five keg lines, but that was going to cost me $135.00, $50.00 sounds a bit sweeter.

Looks like the one I got a CB last time for my party keg setup Batz. Not a problem with mine so far!

check valves are nothing technical...

i've never been able to source 8mm push fit ones for under 30 bucks each before... i'll be jumping on a few of these :)

thanks for sharing Batz
Strikes me as an aquarium product being pimped for beer, but aquariums can be just as expensive if not more so than home brewing, so...

I'd just buy them, Batz. Run an integrity test on them before use. As the printed forms section says, check valves aren't terribly technical and I reckon those are a bargain.

Even if there's a small chance they'll fail after extended use, well, even the expensive ones do that. Better than no check valve at all as far as your reg is concerned.
Without seeing it up close, looks like a Festo fitting. They are compressed air fittings specialists.

Would they be food grade? Do they need to be food grade?
I haven't bought these ones but unless you were absolutely set on quick disconnect then I thought they looked good.Link
I think the ones BAtz liked to are the same ones that keg king sells
Ive got four of those valves, no problems so far either. Was thinking i might get one more and put it just in front of the regulator in case one of the ones on my individual lines fail. Kind of like some master back up plan......

Got mine from Beerbelly and they were less than $10 each from memory.
Just a bit of feedback, I have received 5 of these and that cost me $55.75 delivered. I have tried one on the reg. and it works well.
I'll be fitting them to my keg lines tonight and post if I encounter any problems.

theres a water filter place online thats based in SA that does JG 8mm ones for about $13 ea also, I found this out after I did a bulk buy on them through one of my old suppliers a few years ago
I bought one of these ( for my set up. I hooked it up to my bottle of co2 and it only trickles gas from the red end of the one way valve (which I'm told is the flow of the valve). I have tried to reverse the one way valve and as is should does not let gas pass. Is there a trick to these valves? The trickle of gas when connected correctly is very slow and is only just enough pressure for me to pour a beer.

has anyone worked out this problem?
I have the same one mate and it has a complete free flow of gas . black side towards gas bottle, red side towards keg. maybe the one you have is a dud ?
it does seem to be a cheepy bit of crap but has worked faultlessly for me for about 2 yrs .

have you checked your reg? do you have full flow of gas without the valve? or maybe the gas line is squished or got some off cut stuck in it ?
I've had those one-way check valves on my 4 x taps for 3 or 4 years at least & they work well as a cheap alternative to a 4 x manifold. It's a bit of a PITA un-hooking three QD's if you're looking at ramping up the carbonation on a Wheatie for example but otherwise IMHO they are great.
Was fortunate enough to get them through a bulk buy (Not EvilBay) so I guess you just have to be careful who you get them from but if you have the dollars then go for the manifold. :super: