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Backlane Brewery

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Someone I work with insists that beer should not be poured twice, ie you shouldn't ever order a jug or decant a bottle into one.
This comes from her uncle, who was an alkie so presumably knew what he was talking about, and is law in her family. Any one else ever heard this, or know the reason for it? :blink:
the one that shits me me is people who wont buy beer from the coolroom because it has been cold and they are not going to store it cold. they swear it tastes different. i challenge them to do a blind double blind test to see if they can pick which one was stored in the coolroom....
silly old cootes
Backlane Brewery said:
This comes from her uncle, who was an alkie

Probably didn't like sharing his piss. :chug:

Warren -
Maybe Warren.
You will notice I said "was", the gent in question is no longer with us, for the obvious reason.
Its,a shame no one asked the ol bugger b4 he dropped off the twig. :huh:
I wouldn't exactly expect an alkie to be a conniseure would you?

Anyway, probably
a) goes flat
B) oxidises