Converting Perlick 575SS "Creamer" tap to 525SS

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Hacienda Brewhaus
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For reasons*, I have a Perlick 575SS that I wanted to "downgrade" to a 525SS.
I had heard that it would probably just require swapping the Lever in the 575 for a 525's lever ie Part #7 for Part #6



My 575 started dripping the other day, so since it was time to service it (approx 4 years old) I decided to order all the parts from chi-company, and a new 525 lever, and service all my taps and downgrade my 575 in one go :)

Good news is the new lever was about $6, and all the o-rings were just a few cents each.

Swapping the levers was trivially easy, and the results are perfect.

So there ya go.

The creamer parts are on the top right...

Old and new levers... (and a hairy chest)

Non-creaming creamer tap in place :), no drip, just like a 525

3x 525s, and a 575 on flow controllers with fly/dust plugs. The interesting thing is that the "P" logo on the taps is slightly different on the 575 vs the 525s. The 575 is much deeper and cut out, where as the 525s seem to be laser etched or something. Not sure if this was because it was unique to the 575, or because the 575 is from an earlier run. The bonnet on the 575 seems to be slightly different too, slightly taller ridges

* PS: I bought a pair of 575s as my first Perlick taps. Didn't really like them, so bought some more 525s and swapped a 575 with someone else for a 525, so had 3 525s and a 575. 3 years later, I still don't like the 575's creamer function. If I want creaming, I can just open the tap half way. Since Perlicks drip for half a second after shutting off the tap, guests always have trouble with it and they push back harder... and that just makes the creamer dribble beer even worse!

PPS: These days you'd go with the Perlick 545SS or 650SS.

Video on servicing perlick taps:

Aussie supplier of service kits:

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