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Hi there! my name is Rosie from Gippsland, and I'm trying to open a new business of artisan kombucha in my area. I was wondering if there is here, in this community, a professional kombucha brewer who could may help me figure out how to SMARTER complete my health records 14 and 16, or share your procedures in terms of how do you do this? Do you use same readings for both records? Because if we have to do all the testings separately, that will be a lot of money in testing, and it doesn't make sense to me as business owner.
Does anyone have suggestions of shelf life testing by NATA?
Paperwork never was my thing, and I'm really struggling with that and feeling that I'm doing it harder than it really is.

Btw, happy to join the community !! I didn't know you guys are here :)
Hi Rosie, welcome. Did you have a good peek around the forum?

Hopefully, someone knowledgeable will be along soon to answer your questions.

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