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This year’s three experimental hop varieties which have never been used in brewing before are Campania (bitterness hop), Triabunna (flavour hop) and Ellendale (aroma hop). All have been named after historical hop growing areas in Tasmania, where hops were produced for local beer production throughout the 19th century.

Taken from here, more detailed article on Cascade harvest, but nothing in particular about these new varieties (or if they are to be available commercially):
BABBs (Brisbane) and PUBS (Pine Rivers) got some of the new varieties from Hop Products Australia in the form of flowers to try last November and we did some test brews. Very interesting, we only got told the code numbers - I don't think they have a name yet.

One of them was quite fruity and I didn't mind it at all - overtones of tropical fruit salad. The other one was a fierce bitterer around 16%AA - the flavour was a bit muted and I guess it's being grown more for alpha acid. I did an APA for the PUBS club keg and it turned out more like an English Bitter, but nothing wrong with it.

I'm looking forward to new varieties coming onto the market, I especially like the idea of getting flowers.

Edit: hsb got in first, I wonder if the latter hop was Campania.
Quite interesting. IN NZ we have just had "C-Blend" arrive (Pretty much Cascade, Columbus and Centennial in one) also US Chinook and Simcoe and Zythos.... Another Blend that was brought in after the popularity of Falconers (not sure how similar it is though) In NZ we didn't even get any new Riwaka. The breweries apparently got any that was available! HB'ers got screwed this year!

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