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I sold some stuff in the quokka on the weekend and picked up a new brewing fridge from the proceeds. I am happy little camper, its a 700L side by side with independent refrigeration systems for the fridge and freezer compartments.
The right hand side is 400L all fridge and is completely clear from top to bottom as it has a forced draft cooler on the back wall. This side is going to have temp controller added and will become my fermentation chamber. I should be able to fit 2 x 30l fermenters in there easy as.
The left hand side freezer compartment is 300L and will become my lagering/ serving area with space for 4 kegs once I do a little bit of modification to the evaporator/cooling coil as it currently forms the shelves and I need to move a few around so I can fit the kegs in.

The only pain will be the power bill, but hey thats life!

My brotehr in law bought a similar fridge from the damaged whitegoods auction a few years ago. HAd a decent dent and scratch in the side - but other than that was brand new. Was amazingly cheap. Worth a thought. In Sydney check the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday who normally have about 3 pages of general auctions.
I think my new fridge is even better!!


An easy fit of 12 kegs plus still plenty of room up top.

Still working out the best way to hook up a font to it - on my old 3 door fridge I just had a couple of taps off the side but I'm thinking I'm going to have to better with this one!!

(and yes the photo is from quirks site but I haven't had a chance to take a photo of mine yet - mines actually the gen2 not the gen1 in the pic)

Quirks isnt cheap (unless you know someone)or the cost of running one of those -but they do look F.I.N.E
Most exzcellent.. i have a 2 door - what price was yours....
Not wrong about Quirks pricing but then it was an insurance replacement of my previous fridge.

I also elected to wait an extra 10 weeks for delivery to get the new gen2 model (think I've got the first one in Aust) as it uses 35% less power. They definately chew the power so a 35% saving will be a big advantage. I'm sure it'll be better than the old 3 door - it's about 20 years old and half the seals need replacing.....

insurance replacement AND gen2-i tip my hat to you sir
tonydav said:
I think my new fridge is even better!!
An easy fit of 12 kegs plus still plenty of room up top.

Ah tony that is a nice fridge but theres 2 things my fridge has that yours doesn't

Independant refrig systems so dual temp control for lagering/serving and fermentation is no worries and the big one if its going to live in the shed SOLID doors! Glass doors suck in summer time (if your fridge is in the shed in Perth way too much heat gain). Most of these cabinets domestics included are only designed for ~28C ambients as they are normally in some sort of conditioned space and tend to struggle a bit on the hot days, the glass just makes them work harder

Cheers its still nice!
Lets sing it Boys----------> Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you.

This is a joke BTW. For those thin skinned amonst us.
Just a point regarding glass doors - aren't they usually double-glazed and evacuated?! If so that is the same as a thermos flask and probably a much better insulator than a sheet of steel with some polystyrene stuck to it which is the other option.