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Gold Coast, Queensland
Hi Brewers, We're just starting our new distilling venture on Gold Coast doing some pretty unusual stuff in small batch. We are under pressure to do brewing in conjunction with this and have taken possession of a 100 litre automatic three vessel micro brewery. Ostensibly this was to be used to produce mash for our whisky but we can stay doing mash in our Gutens. Frankly, we have no expertise in brewing, not even enough to be dangerous, so would love to partner up with someone who knows what they are doing and would like to become part of an expanded enterprise (we are not looking for investors, we are well funded). We have a new canning line arriving in the New Year to replace our semi automatic facility for alcoholic pre mix (this would be ideal for beer) and would be happy to invest in a larger 500ml three vessel micro brewery with 4 ss 500 litre fermenters and grain mill. So, open to thoughts, suggestions, ideas...whatever.