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G'day Ballarat Brewers,

A small favour to ask. Has anyone in Ballarat got a spare pack of US-05 laying around? I'm keen to get an IPA fermenting ASAP (as in this weekend) and the LHBS doesn't have any left :eek:

I will buy it from you, swap you for something or whatever.

Even a cup of slurry from a recent batch will do! Or some other American Ale thing will probably do the trick as well.

Iv'e got one dry SO5 or if you can wait till Sunday I'll have plenty of slurry.

Welcome to whatever you can use.
PM sent.

Scratch that - fancy new iphone text message sent...
thanks all, I'm sorted. The brewing community in the 'Rat always lends a hand! :kooi:
Brown Hill fermentation facility to the rescue.
The great US05 crisis of 2012, my LHBS told me today that brewcraft is the Australian importer and they are out, looks like it might be an issue for a few weeks to come, instead he bagged some in a zip lock bag, no sure if my brew tomorrow will get infected but I guess we will see.

Not sure how true that is but i have no reason to doubt him



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