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Ok this is just a quick review of this NASA burner from Amazon.
Delivery was pretty fast, I got it in about two weeks and the delivered price worked out to be $96 AUD.Great for the price but coming from the US I knew it wouldn't connect straight to our gas bottles although I thought it would be pretty easy to find an adaptor. I went to BCF and they didn't have anything, checked out my LHBS and they couldn't help either. BOC wouldn't really talk to me because it wasn't Australian standard approved but recommended Gameco however they are a bit drive away. So I went back to BCF and got the contact details for the Australian importer with the intention of buying a whole new hose a reg setup from them or look on here for what other people use but the bargain was turning out to be almost as expensive as buying it here.So after wasting a day driving from place to place I went back home to do the lawn when I walked past one of our outdoor heaters and thought I'll unscrew the POL fitting from the reg of that and see if it screws into the US (made in china) reg and booyeah!!! perfect fit. I can't say exactly what the fitting is called but I can say its NOT one of these because I tried it and the thread that screws into the reg is different.
The burner and stand is exactly the same as the one sold at BCF but the hose and reg setup is slightly different. The flow valve for the gas is located near the reg on mine which I like as opposed to near the burner on the Aussie one and it has surprisingly good flame control. Gotta love that sound when you crack it!!!
If I had my time again would I do it again........YEP absolutely. I know some people would like warranty but there isn't really much to these things that can got wrong and you can buy the burner itself for about $30 delivered so I'm already planning an expansion.
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