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Thought I'd ask my fellow brewers who are known to dabble in computer related things a question... :blink:
I currently have a desktop thingy called MSVDM, its basic. It gives me four desktops on my monitor to choose from, open different programs on different desktops etc...but all four desktops share the same on-screen desktop shortcuts.
What I really need is a desktop thingy that ALSO allows me to have different desktop shortcuts appear only on certain desktops.
Eg: a dedicated desktop that has ONLY my brewing related things on it, another desktop with office stuff, another with only multimedia shortcuts on it, etc.
Does such a beast exsist? :huh:
If so where can I find one?
Any help gratefully received! :)

Cheers :chug:
Sorry Rob, not quite what I'm after. :(

Ultramon works for multiple monitors. I have one monitor but want only certain shortcut icons on my desktop to appear on certain desktops, not all to appear on all desktops.
Thanks anyway. :)
I jusr use XP's fast user change functionality. Create an account with the name of each user, log off one with "Switch User" option (rather than "Log Off") and leave the other accounts logged in. Customisable desktop on each of them. You can even leave winamp or whatever running under one account... etc
Have you seen or tried Bosskey ?
I haven't tried the latest version, so don't know if it supports multiple profiles to give you the Start Menu functionality you require.

Have a look at this link

This may be able to do what you want though it is fairly basic.

What you need is an Xwindows or X11 server for windows. This is a standard component of UNIX and GNU/Linux systems. I imagine MacOS would have this feature to as it is now BSD based.

So you could just move to GNU/Linux or have a bit of a google for X11 or X server and windows, keeping in mind it is also sometimes called x windows. There are many free and commercial versions for MS Windows though.


Use Linux - it is great for multiple desktops and the programs stay on the desktops they were started in
(says he using a windows PC with only Linux in the shed controlling my brewing :) )

Cheers & Beers

Thanks for all the suggestions!
n00ch's PictoWin link is pretty much what I am after.
Will give it a run for a month to see if I want to fork out the $20 for it.
Once again thanks for all the replies, we truly do have a top forum here! :super:
Cheers :D
No worries. There is quite few programs out there like PictoWin. Virtual Desktop is a good one as well.

Speaking of Cygwin, anyone know of a good link on how to run SSH with it? I have had a few bad attemots but i'd really like to get it running!!!

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